This article will guide you through our Skill Review tool and its possibilities. This article is written to help you to enhance your understanding of the functionalities of this tool. 

In this article, a demo assignment with student activity shall be shown to let you see what the tool looks like when it's filled with activity. 

Skill Review with student activity

Here we will see what the assignment looks like when students have completed it. 

Overall student progress

At the top of the assignment, you will see the overall student progress overview. Click on statistics per active student to see individual students' progress. Here you can see if the students have read instructions and read their feedback

It is also possible to export all the student data into an excel file. This file contains information concerning review ratings, review comments and grading. You can download this export by clicking on the download button in the overall student progress window.

Give feedback

Usually, as a teacher you are able to view the contributions of students to an assignment (Group Member Evaluation, Peer Review, Discussion Assignment). However, since in the Skill Review (and Assignment Review) the teacher provides feedback, the teacher can review their own feedback in step 2. 

Press start reviewing to begin. When you have finished it will say review complete.

Where this part normally would be student activity, this is now activity from the teachers themselves

Received reviews

Further, you are able to review the reflection students wrote in step 3 of the assignment. You are able to see if students how much of the feedback the students have read by looking at progress overview. You also able to see the average rating they received, the amount of received comments and the how much time they spent on reading the comments.

If you click on on the progress statement, you will be able to look into the review. If you press on the grey (read) or blue (unread) text balloons, it will take you to the review and you are able to see your comments regarding this student. Under what I learned, you see the reflection this particular student has written.

Hopefully this article has helped you to better understand what this tool has to offer. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our support team. 

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