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Libraries: Copying and Sending Assignments Within Your LMS
Libraries: Copying and Sending Assignments Within Your LMS

How to copy an existing assignment and/or share a template with others.

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This article will take you through setting up and implementing templates from all Libraries, as well as where to find them in My Library once implemented.

Before you read this article, we highly recommend reading our introduction article first to understand the basics of Libraries:

Interacting with Templates

Setting up Learning Activity Templates

If you have created any templates before, you'll find them within the My Library tab on the left sidebar. If you don't have any yet, or want to create more, then you can get started by pressing the green plus button, where you'll be given the option to select a FeedbackFruits activity that you want to create a template for.

In here, you can select the relevant FeedbackFruits tool, and start setting up the template much like any other activity. You can customize all the settings and content, so that the template is ready for use.

Once you save, you'll see the template copy pop up in your Toolpicker under templates, ready for implementation.

If you ever want to edit or manage the template, you can always go back to the platform by clicking on the pointing up arrow on the top right corner.

Creating a Template From an Existing Activity

There are two ways to create a template from an existing activity:

In a New Assignment

If you already have an activity that someone has sent you, or that you recently used and you want to make it into a template, then open up the relevant tool (for example, a new Peer Review assignment).

Click on Copy from existing at the top of the activity.

From there, a dialogue will open where you'll see templates from My library, Recents, and Sent to me. This way you can easily create a template from a template in your library, a recent activity you created, or an activity that someone sent to you. You can select the template you'd like to use from the list.

As soon as you click the desired version, all associated settings, as well as the file the respective version used, will be copied from the old version into the new one. The copy will not include the groups that were in the previous assignment.

Once you will click Save you will conclude the process of copying an old assignment into a new one. Make sure to set an easily identifiable name for your new learning activity within the LMS interface.

From an Existing Assignment

You can create a template from any existing assignment by going to the three dots in the top right of the assignment and clicking Create template.

This will create a pop-up menu where you can name your template and have it saved in My Library to access whenever you like - once you click save as template, it will be stored for you.

Sending a Template of an Activity

Although templates are per user, they can also be easily shared with others, so more peers or other faculty members can use them for their courses. You can do so through two different ways:

Within My or Shared Libraries

In the platform, in My or Shared Libraries, you will find a list of activities that are part of that library. Next to each activity title, on the right side you will find the three dots menu. You can select send a copy from this menu.

Within a learning activity

Another option is to enter the learning activity you want to send. Navigate to the three dot menu on the top right corner of your screen. You can select send a copy there.

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