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Accessibility: Within FeedbackFruits Tools
Accessibility: Within FeedbackFruits Tools

A description of the available accessibility additions within FeedbackFruits tools.

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At FeedbackFruits, we're committed to creating equal opportunities for learning for all - that's why we're continuing to add more accessibility options into our tools. Below you can find a summary of our accessibility options when adding a submission, comment or instruction in any FeedbackFruits tool. The benefits of alternative attachment options are:

  • Enhanced inclusivity: Our new accessibility options ensure that all users can access and utilize our tools.

  • Diverse attachment support: Users can now choose from various accessible attachment formats to best suit their individual needs.

  • Improved user experience: By offering alternative accessible attachments, we make our solutions more user-friendly and accommodating for everyone.

These accessibility options were added in line with The A11y Project guidelines.

For more information on our general accessibility commitments, you can check this article:

Where Can I Find These Accessibility Features?

You can find these features in the following section on any tool (unless a tool is specified):

  • Comments (such as discussion threads, replies to comments/reviews…)

  • Review comments

  • Instructions (per module, per step or in Reflections)

  • Teacher notes (only visible to teachers)

  • Explanation cards

  • Question explanations on multiple-choice questions (available in tools with multiple choice question options, e.g. Quiz, Interactive Study Materials)

  • Topic prompts (available in Discussion of Topic)

  • Annotations (available in Comprehension)

  • Submissions (available in any tool with a submission step).

How Does It Work?

You have the possibility to add alternative accessible files as attachments in any of the interaction points mentioned above (under where can I find these accessibility features?).

These options are:

  • Subtitles

    • We auto generate subtitles based on the submitted file - you can download and edit the subtitle file if you want to make changes.

    • Subtitles can also be uploaded by the user - if you want to add subtitles for your own instruction media instead of using the ones auto generated by FeedbackFruits, you can do so.

  • Audio description

    • You can record an audio description within the FeedbackFruits tool.

    • You can also create and attach an audio descriptive file yourself.

  • Text description

    • You can write a text description for any images or videos.

How Will This Look?

As a submitter:

When commenting, replying, writing a review or instructions, you can click on the + Add items button to attach a multimedia file. Once uploaded, by clicking on the three dots on the right of the file, you can click on Manage accessibility. You will be presented with a pop-up indicating the accessible alternatives you can upload. You can easily upload or autogenerate your subtitles, upload or record audio, or add a text description in the same fashion as in other multimedia attachments in FeedbackFruits. The accessibility icon will appear next to the file. You can manage accessibility any time.

Fig. 4: When adding an attachment in a comment (’Add item’) you can add an accessible alternative by clicking on the three dots next to the uploaded file.

As a reviewer:

In the submission step, next to the uploaded file, if accessible alternatives have been added, a green-tagged chip with the Accessibility icon will appear indicating the amount of accessibility alternatives available for that file type.

When inside a submission, by clicking on the top right corner 3 dots or the accessibility icon, the user can access the accessible alternatives.

Requesting Accessible Alternatives

It's also possible for students to request an accessible alternative if the submitted file does not already have one.

You will be prompted to add a reason/additional context behind their request, which is then sent to the teacher or course administrator as a notification.

The other user will receive a notification that a student requires an accessible file - please note, this notification will be received within the FeedbackFruits platform and not via email! As with all received notifications, accessibility notifications will be grouped into the notification summary you receive via email every 24 hours, but an individual email per request won't be sent.

Once the request has been completed, you will be informed by notification.

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