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How to use Explanation Cards and what this looks like for students.

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This article will guide you through the use of Explanation Cards which you have already created and are ready to use. For more information on how to set up and create these cards please refer to the set-up article on this topic here.

After reading this article you should understand what to expect as an instructor using this feature, as well as what the student will see if you have enabled and used Explanation Cards in a Skill Review or Assignment Review assignment.

Please note that images used in this article are taken from a Skill Review assignment and may appear slightly different than when using Assignment Review.

Using Explanation Cards

When giving feedback to students, you will be presented with the following screen as either step 2 or step 3 for each tool respectively. Choose which student you wish to begin with and click on 'start reviewing' to reach the next step.

After clicking this button, you will be taken to a screen showing the feedback options for that student (including the document uploaded by the student if using Assignment Review). To use the Explanation Cards you created earlier, navigate to the appropriate section in the sidebar and click 'write'.

A field will pop up prompting you to write custom feedback, as is normal for the Skill Review and Assignment Review tools. The Explanation Card feature should however be visible just below this field. Click on ' + EXPLANATION CARD' to select a card to use.

A pop-up will appear listing all available cards. Simply select the one you wish to use and press 'ADD' to include this feedback in your comment.

After pressing 'ADD' your feedback card (and optional description) will be visible to the student once you post the comment.

Student View

Students to whom you have finished giving feedback will be able to view this inside the platform by navigating to the appropriate section. Explanation Cards which you've used will be displayed with only their title, and can be clicked on for elaboration.

By clicking on the Explanation Card, students are able to read the full description of the card, including any links or instructions that you've included. Students are able to 'like' or leave a text reply to this comment, which will be visible to you once they've finished.

That's it! Using Explanation Cards spares you from having to repeat typing similar feedback comments for larger numbers of students, as well as providing a reusable format to link to information relating to, for example, grading rubrics, citation guidelines or other useful resources.

This concludes the Explanation Cards (beta, feature flagged) | In action article.
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