Release notes v2.76 April 2022

Additional allocation options, analytics exports in Discussion Assignment, deadline extension notifications, open question replies in ISM

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(14-04-2022) The next release is scheduled in approximately three days. The release will contain the following:

  • More options for allocation requirements

  • Discussion and allocations analytics exports

  • Deadline extension for notifications and emails

  • Commenting on open question answers

  • 'Manual allocations' and 'students choose who to review' out of beta

  • Support for Presentations2Go

  • Patch notes: Improvements and Bug fixes

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More options for allocation requirements

This feature gives flexibility of allocation requirements with the option 'student choose who to review'.

Previously, the teacher had only an option to choose how many students are required to be reviewed. Currently, the teacher has four options to choose from (exactly, minimum, between and all) when setting the required number of reviews per student. When choosing the option 'between,' the teacher can also allow students to review from 1 to 9 peers.

Allocation overrides view in the edit mode (Given reviews part)

Additionally, now students have to finish the minimum requirement first in order to select optional allocation.

The additional review after the minimum requirement is met (student view)

Discussion and allocations analytics exports

The analytics in the Discussion Assignment has been now updated and include information on the discussion and students' allocations.

Deadline extension for notifications & email

If the teacher allows deadline extension in the assignment, students now will receive notifications in the notification centre of the assignment as well as on their email.

In the notification centre:

  • Students receive a notification when the teacher grants them a deadline extension. This applies to extensions for regular deadlines and time windows.

  • Students with a deadline extension don't receive a notification when the regular deadline is approaching.

  • Students receive a notification for all active activities when the deadline extension is approaching.

All these notifications are also included in the daily email students receive listing the new notification. Students receive an email when the teacher grants them a deadline extension (there is one email per each deadline extension). This applies to extensions for regular deadlines and time windows.

Commenting on open question answers in ISM

For the Interactive Study Material tools, the teacher can now reply to student's answers left in the open questions. This option is applicable to Document, Audio, Video, Website and Image activities.

Enabling the reply option for open questions

When a student has an answer, the teacher will see a 'reply' button under each student’s answer, enabling them to discuss their student’s answers in more detail.

Additionally, when creating or updating an open question, the teacher can now allow other students to reply to the answers left by their peers. This option is available when the teacher chooses to show anonymised peer answers, and with it enabled, students can discuss each other's answers as well. If they don’t wish for students to discuss answers with each other, they can also disable it while retaining the ability to display peer answers.

'Manual allocations' and 'students choose who to review' out of beta

'Manual allocations' and 'students choose who to review' are no longer hidden behind a feature flag and are now available to everyone.

The allocation methods can be found in Step 1 in the edit mode

The availability of the two allocation methods results in the setting "Allocations overrides" to be also visible to everyone.

Allocation overrides option can be found in step 'Given reviews' in the edit mode

Support for Presentations2Go

The media service now supports publicly available URL uploads from Presentations2Go. The embedding will show the videos but it does not support slides or presentations.

Patch notes

FeedbackFruits release notes will now include patch notes in order to share some of the smaller improvements and bug fixes with our users as well.


Microsoft Teams app updated to version 1.0.4.

The Microsoft Teams app in Microsoft AppSource has been updated to version 1.0.4. The AppSource app now supports all regions instead of only Europe. It will detect the region automatically based on the location of the teacher when creating a new activity. Students will automatically use the right activity in the right region.

Manually installing the app with the zip files is therefore no longer needed, but it is still possible for per-team or per-person installs. Here you can find how to instal FeedbackFruits on the Microsoft AppSource.

Self-Assessment deadline consequences dialogue

To inform both students and teachers of the proper deadline consequences for Self-Assessment, the list of consequences on the dialogue for the give feedback and read feedback steps have been updated for this type of assignment.

Student and teacher view of deadline consequences for 'Given reviews'

Student and teacher view of deadline consequences for 'Received reviews'


Allow students to complete activity when feedback is never released

Previously, with the option of 'feedback never released to students', students were not able to fully complete the assignment. This is because viewing the feedback was the requirement for the assignment compilation and without releasing feedback, students didn't view it, and thus didn't complete all steps. This issue has now been fixed, and students are no longer required to view feedback to complete an assignment when the feedback is not released.

Markdown in rubrics in Feedback tools

It is now possible to use markdown in rubrics of Feedback tools. The markdown will also be reflected for the students in the rubrics description.

Teacher view after setting up the rubric criteria

Student's view of the rubrics with markdown

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