Installing FeedbackFruits in Microsoft Teams is possible in two ways: via Microsoft AppSource, or by manually uploading a zip file.

Installing through Microsoft AppSource

FeedbackFruits is currently only available in Microsoft AppSource for the dutch market, if you are a dutch institution you can install FeedbackFruits through the following link:

Installing as a custom app

All non-dutch institutions should use the zip file corresponding to the region in which they want to install:

You can either install FeedbackFruits for a single Team, or globally.

Installing FeedbackFruits in a single Team

It is possible to install FeedbackFruits in a single Team in Microsoft Teams, see the following video:

Installing FeedbackFruits globally

For instructions on how to install Microsoft Teams globally, see the following video:

Now that you have installed FeedbackFruits in Microsoft Teams, you can start using it in your course.

Enabling the Microsoft API for FeedbackFruits

FeedbackFruits now supports synchronizing the members with the Microsoft API. If you enable the API, owners of teams will automatically be recognized as teachers in FeedbackFruits, and members and guests will be recognized as students. It is recommended to turn this on, to prevent teachers from manually having to invite other teachers to FeedbackFruits tabs in their team.

We currently request the following API permissions:

  • Team.ReadBasic.All
    To lookup basic information about a team, like the name

  • TeamMember.Read.All
    To look up the members in a team

  • Channel.ReadBasic.All
    To lookup basic information about a channel, like the name

  • ChannelMember.Read.All
    To lookup the members in a channel

  • EduRoster.Read.All
    To lookup teams and channels in education tenants

  • Member.Read.Hidden
    To lookup the members in a team in education tenants

  • User.Read.All
    To lookup the name and email addresses of the members in a team

Note that we cannot lookup details about teams or users that we don't know the ID of, which we only get when FeedbackFruits is used in a team.

To give FeedbackFruits access to the API, please visit the following link. The TENANT_ID part has to be replaced with the Tenant ID of your organization.

After you have granted the consent, please provide us with the Tenant ID, so we can enable the API integration on our side too.

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