In order to be able to work with the FeedbackFruits tools in an integrated manner, they first have to be added to your course. Luckily, this is really simple! In this article, we’ll guide you through this process in just a few steps. Still having trouble? Just contact our support team through the green button in the bottom left of the screen!

In Canvas, tools can be added as an Assignment or as an item in a Module. Adding a FeedbackFruits tool as an Assignment gives you slightly more options. The most important difference is that when tools are added as a Canvas Assignment, grades can be send back to Grade Center in Canvas.  

Adding a FeedbackFruits tool in Modules. 

1. To use FeedbackFruits in a course, first navigate to the course in which you want to add one of our tools. Then, click on 'Modules' or 'Assignments'. We will first discuss how to add a tool as an item in a Module

2. Choose the right module to which you want to add the tool. In this example, we want to add a tool to the module 'Course information'.  To add a tool, click on the ‘+’ button in the upper-right corner of this particular module. Remind yourself that '+ module', the blue button, is to add a new module, a new section to the course. After clicking the '+', the following screen will appear:

3. Choose 'External Tool'. All available external tools will appear: choose the FeedbackFruits tool you want to use in your course. In this case, we select Interactive Document. 

4. An Interactive Document now is added to the first Module in your course. As you can see, the tool is not published yet: the Interactive Document is not yet visible for your students. Click on the link to set up the tool. For help with setting up our tools, click here to see how each tool is set up. After you are done setting up the tool for your students, you can click the crossed circle on the right to publish the FeedbackFruits tool and make it visible for your students. 

Adding a FeedbackFruits tool as an Assignment. 

1. Click the blue button: '+ Assignment'. You could also click the '+', but you'll eventually need to navigate to the same page in order to add an external tool. 

2. Fill in a recognisable name for your students and a description if desired. Here you can also fill in how many points students can get for this assignment.

3. Select 'External Tool' and click 'Find' to select the right FeedbackFruits tool from the list. 

After pressing 'Find' you will be able to choose the correct FeedbackFruits tool from the 'Configure External Tool' menu.

After selecting the tool you will be able to set up and save your the FeedbackFruits assignment. After saving, you will get back to the 'Configure External Tool' menu. You need to click 'select' again in order for the tool link to be entered into your Canvas Assignment.

After you've set everything up be sure to click on 'Save' or 'Save & Publish' if you'd like the assignment to be available to students immediately.

4. In this last part you could select a Section for who the Assignment is meant.
(When using LTI and API, be aware that if this is a group assignment, the group set you formulate in Canvas groups should only contain students that are within this same section, otherwise students are enrolled in the assignment for whom the assignment is not visible). 

5. Click 'Save'!
That’s it! You’ve now added the FeedbackFruits tool to your course in Canvas. Don’t forget that after you’ve finished setting up the tool, you still have to publish the tool to your students in order for them to see it!

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