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Learning Analytics: Course exports
Learning Analytics: Course exports

A teacher's guide to using Course exports

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What are Learning Analytics? This solution is designed to empower data-driven individuals in the education sector by providing comprehensive insights into student achievement and engagement.

Learning Analytics appear in a space within FeedbackFruits platform: Insights. Here, teachers and learning designers can inspect and showcase evidence in feedback and assessment with FeedbackFruits data to improve teaching quality and student experience.

Furthermore, Learning Analytics also promotes evidence-based learning design, and support data-informed teaching interventions for students at risk. These benefits ultimately lead to an enhancement in student outcomes and retention.

Course Exports Introduction

Our Course exports feature streamlines the process of accessing and exporting student data on feedback (ratings and reviews) and engagement (discussions posts, question card answers, and any comments) for each course.

It consolidates data from various FeedbackFruits activities into a single export, saving time on data management and merging. Institutions can now seamlessly integrate this raw data into their existing institutional data infrastructures for comprehensive analysis and insights.

In Action

First of all, to use the Course exports, teachers must navigate to FeedbackFruits platform.

Once there, on the right menu bar, teachers can find the 'Insights' space. When clicking on Insights the next page opens.

When clicking on Courses, teachers will be taken to a list of all their courses which contain FeedbackFruits assignments. This page is also accessible by navigating through the right hand menu on the platform.

Here, teachers can just click on Export data, and a .xlsx file will be downloaded in their devices. This file contains all the feedback and engagement data of all the existing FeedbackFruits activities in that precise course, combined.

Good to Know

  • Availability: For now, this functionality is released as Feature Flag and only available upon request. Course exports are available for Feedback & Assessment, Customized Pedagogy (if tools apply), Strategic Outcome Solution and Teaching & Learning System packages. If you or your institution are interested, please contact your FeedbackFruits Pilot and Partner Success Manager or your main FeedbackFruits contact person.

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