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Feature: Multimedia Recorder
Feature: Multimedia Recorder

A step by step guide on what our multimedia recorder is and its usage case for teachers and students.

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In this article we will walk you through how to use FeedbackFruits' multimedia recorder.

Our multimedia recorder allows a teacher or student to record video, audio or their screen wherever they can upload a video or file across our tool suite. You can find the multimedia recorder in different parts of FeedbackFruits tools, such as when writing a comment (both in discussions or review comments) or making a submission.

How Does It Work?

Our multimedia recorder allows for recording of audio, video, screen or a combination of these sources to quickly compose a video or audio clip; this clip can either be handed in by a student as part of an assignment, or shown to students by a teacher to guide their learning.

When using the screen recording feature, you have the option to present the information shown on your screen alongside your webcam feed. This webcam view can be toggled, resized and moved depending on your needs - simply click and drag inside of the camera bubble to move it around, or resize it by clicking and dragging on the edge of the bubble.

You can also change input devices while the recording is running - this is ideal for situations where you would want to switch between the front and rear camera of a device.

Our recorder pauses by default when opening - so you don't have to worry about being caught off guard! You can compose yourself and change any settings as needed before starting the recording.

Where Can I Find The Feature?



Instruction>add items within any tool

Interactive video>record under the video step

Comment view within any tool

Submission step>record within any tool

The Feature In Action

How Does it Look?

Depending on which recording option you choose, you will see the following menus:

Record Audio:

Record Video:

Record Screen:

Usage: For Teachers

As a teacher adding a recording for your students, you can access the multimedia recorder across our tool suite by selecting Add Items in the Instructions step.

This will generate a menu where you can choose the type of media to be recorded.

When using the Interactive Video tool, you can also use the multimedia recorder by choosing the record video option under the video step.

Usage: For Students

Depending on the assignment, you will be able to access the multimedia recorder either in the comment view or the submission step.

Comment View

In the comment view, you will be able to use the multimedia recorder by selecting add items - this button will show you the same options as in the teacher usage step above.

Submission Step

In the submission step, you want to choose the record option to create your multimedia file.

Good to Know

  • Some LMS, such as Moodle, don't allow FeedbackFruits to access your microphone or camera - make sure to open the page in a new tab to record a video if you are facing permission issues.

  • If you wish to record your screen without a camera overlay, you can toggle the camera feed to off under the Recorder Settings.

  • Some browsers and operating systems may face issues when a camera is being used by multiple applications at the same time - if you're having permission issues, try closing any other applications that may be using your camera.

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