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Release Notes v2.84 December 2022
Release Notes v2.84 December 2022

Improved settings design in all tools, filter improvements in student-facing Automated Feedback and improvements in accessibility features

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(23-11-2022) The next release is scheduled for the 25th of November. The release will contain the following:

  • Settings V2 design

  • Students can delete or update filters in student-facing Automated Feedback (feature flagged)

  • Improved Accessibility features

  • Upgraded progress calculations

  • Bugfixes

Settings V2 design

The settings in all FeedbackFruits tools will have a new UI design when in the 'edit' mode of the activities. This is only visible to teachers and is only a visual change. The settings design are implemented to improve the user experience and will not result in any functional changes to how the settings work. The new settings design will become available for all existing and new activities.

Previously, the improved design was already available for the Interactive Study Material tools, now this will roll out to all other tools in the suite.

The settings will be grouped into categories that match the parts of the activity that the teacher wants to adjust. These categories will, for the most part, be the same across all FeedbackFruits activities, to make it easier to recognize and find them. In addition to these changes, the improved settings design will also include clear and concise phrasing describing what the settings entail exactly.

When opening an activity after the release instructors will see the onboarding window as shown below. It gives a quick overview of the changed look of the settings.

A quick example of some of the improvements can be seen below, this is the given review step in Group Member Evaluation.

For more examples and further explanation, please consult this article.

Students can delete or update filters in Automated Feedback with student autonomy feature (feature flagged)

When using an Automated Feedback assignment with student autonomy feature enbled, students are now able to delete and/or update their created filters. They can do so in their filter window as shown below.

If you want to try out the student autonomy Automated Feedback, please contact our support team or your Partner Success Manager for this to be enabled.

Improved Accessibility features

In Peer Review, when reviewing a document, students with a (visual) disability can have a hard time going through the document if it's not accessible enough. When this is the case, students can now request an accessible version of the document from the student who created it. To do so, students should tap the tab button on their keyboard, where they will be presented with accessibility options. Then they can request an alternative specific to their needs.

As submitter and/or reviewer anonymity can be involved, students don't contact each other directly, but instead, the teacher gets the request and can manage the request. To reduce the workload for the teacher, we provide an email template and a help article on how to create an accessible document.

See below how the student can request an alternative submission

This is the dialogue the teacher sees when a student requests an accessible alternative.

The teacher can use the email below to push the request to the submitting student

Other improvements made are on the notification emails, they now meet the accessibility guidelines.

Upgraded progress calculations

In the past weeks, we have gotten several notifications of students' progress not updating correctly. We have made improvements to make sure the progress is properly calculated and shows the right percentage to students (and teachers).

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