LTI 1.1 + API deprecation

FeedbackFruits will no longer support API for LTI 1.1 setups from the 1st of september 2023 onwards.

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Posted July 11th 2022

It has been more than 2 years since we first launched support for LTI 1.3. LTI 1.3 is the official successor of LTI 1.1, yet safer and more extensible. FeedbackFruits was one of the first tools supporting LTI 1.3 and has been IMS certified for LTI 1.3 Advantage from the beginning.

Adoption of LTI 1.3 has grown rapidly, and over the last year, we have been moving partners using LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3 up to the point where today more than 50% of new activities are created through LTI 1.3!

At the same time, we have continued to support deeper API integrations for Blackboard, Brightspace, Canvas and Moodle for both versions of LTI. Each of these LMSs have very good LTI 1.3 support. The API integration allows for synchronization of groups and deadlines among other things.

To simplify our support matrix, we are now announcing end-of-life for API integrations with LTI 1.1 setups. To still make use of the full FeedbackFruits integration, all institutions still using LTI 1.1 with API are advised to migrate to LTI 1.3 within the next year. Please contact us through support (or your Partner Manager) to be put in touch with someone to guide you through the transition.

Note that this does not mean that FeedbackFruits no longer supports LTI 1.1. We will keep on supporting LTI 1.1 for the foreseeable future, and intend to follow IMS Global which will most likely deprecate this version of the standard at some point.

Frequently asked questions

Will existing activities still work?

Yes, existing activities will automatically be carried over to LTI 1.3, so users can continue to use them without interruptions.

Will student progress be lost?

No, no data will be removed during the transition, and as existing activities will keep working, student data will remain intact and accessible.

Do I need to run a database migration?

No, upgrading to LTI 1.3 just means swapping the LTI 1.1 configuration for the LTI 1.3 configuration, your LMS will automatically make sure existing activities keep working.

Will anything change for end-users?

For end-users, there is only a small change for institutions that had FeedbackFruits installed as separate tools. We chose to provide FeedbackFruits as a single tool, so users won't see a list of tools in their LMS anymore. The choice of tool will now be presented after launching FeedbackFruits. After choosing the tool, everything works like it did before.

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