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Required sections
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The required sections of your written work are the sections that are required to be present in your work. These sections should be labeled by the title that was prescribed by your instructor. These sections may also have a required minimum or maximum number of words. The types of sections in your work depend on the type of work that you are writing. For example, an essay has different required sections than an article or research paper.

Why should I use sections in my written work?

By using sections you add structure to your work, and the reader will be able to understand the structure of your work more easily. To improve the readability of your work, there may also be a prescribed minimum or maximum number of words for specific sections.

If there is a maximum number of words, you should dive deep into the material in a concise way.

If there is a minimum of words, you have the opportunity to cover different aspects and reach the deeper layer of the topic you are writing about.

How should I apply required sections?

Your teacher will prescribe which required sections are necessary for your written work. Make sure to accompany these sections by the prescribed title. Automated Feedback can help you check if the required sections are present in your written work.

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