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Release Notes v2.61 February 2021
Release Notes v2.61 February 2021

Onboarding videos, Interactive Study Materials Calendar deadline sync, New YouTube videos & more.

Updated over a week ago

(09-02-2021) The next release is scheduled in approximately four days. The release will contain the following:

  • Onboarding videos in Interactive Document and Group Member Evaluation

  • LMS calendar events for Interactive Study Materials deadlines

  • New video player for YouTube videos

  • New login & creation flow in Microsoft Teams

  • Detect Outliers in Group Member Evaluation new review flow

  • Grading for self-assessment assignments

  • Invite members redesign

  • Support for custom admin roles for all LMS’s

This release also contains some deprecations:

  • 1.0 platform

  • Blackboard SOAP integration

  • LTI course/path requests

Onboarding videos in Interactive Document and Group Member Evaluation

When creating a new Interactive Document or Group Member Evalution for the first time, teachers will see a dialog with onboarding videos. All onboarding dialogs for creating a new assignment have headers with assignment type. It is also possible to dismiss this dialog with 'Skip' button and the steps will not be shown next time (both seen and unseen).

LMS calendar events for Interactive Study Material deadlines

Interactive Study Materials' opening and closing dates will now be pushed to the LMS calendars. The opening and closing dates of the Time Windows deadline that has been set for assignments will now, if the calendar sync is enabled, sync just like Feedback assignment deadlines.

New video player for YouTube videos

We have improved a background feature for better compatibility with YouTube videos. By wrapping the YouTube video player into our platform we will now stream videos directly from youtube.

In terms of user experience everything works the same as before. We have changed the way subtitles are being displayed so we can have better support for custom subtitles in the future.

New login & assignment creation flow in Microsoft Teams

Logging in to FeedbackFruits in Microsoft Teams is now much more intuitive, as we only show a single way of logging in. When logging in only the option to log in with your Microsoft Teams account will be available.

The assignment creation flow for teachers has been improved. Instead of setting up a new activity in the small window, the activity can now be setup after the tab has been added. This prevents confusion about saving the activity versus saving the tab and allows for a lot more space when creating the activity.

In the new assignment creation flow, a tab is immediately created when selecting an FeedbackFruits assignment. The video below shows both the new login and creation flow.

Detect Outliers in Group Member Evaluation new review flow

This feature is available within Group Member Evaluation when the new review UX feature flag is enabled. The feature is configured with self-assessment, the new review flow feature flag, and when students work in groups and have to review all their group members. When enabled, this feature intends to help teachers quickly identify out-of-the-ordinary situations in teamwork assignments.

This is based on how students rated themselves and their peers. Such situations can range from positive (someone who performed exceptionally well) to a possible concern (an apparent conflict between two students).

A more detailed explanation on the feature can be found here.

Grading for self-assessment assignments

The grading module has been added to the Self-assessment of Skill and Self-assessment of Work assignments (currently only available inside courses). It is present by default when creating a new assignment but it can be removed.
It takes into account introspective ratings and reviews which aren't taken into account for the grading on the rest of the review assignments.

Invite members redesign

The invite members menu has been redesigned to better communicate the ability to share with both students and teachers. The share link and send invitations dialogs have been merged into one.

It appears when clicking on "Invite students" on the app bar of the members page for standalone activities (the blue fab button that used to be on the bottom left corner was removed), and when using the blue fab button for activities inside a course (in this case only the invitation emails are available)

Support for custom admin roles for all LMS’s

Previously only custom roles in Brightspace were supported, now we have support for custom roles for all LMS's

Now deprecated:

  • 1.0 platform: As we announced the old 1.0 platform to be read-only accessible until 31st December 2020, we are now preparing to take it offline completely.

  • Blackboard SOAP integration: It has been possible to setup the FeedbackFruits API integration in Blackboard with the REST API only for a while now. This is necessary because Blackboard has deprecated support for SOAP Web Services, which we used to use next to the REST API. Many customers have already made the switch to a REST-only setup. As a consequence, we will end support for Blackboard SOAP on the 13th of march with our next release. All customers that are still using SOAP have been contacted about this change.

  • LTI course/path requests: This is an undocumented feature that only a few customers have installed. Next to using our tools in your LMS through LTI, it used to be possible to have a FeedbackFruits course with folders through LTI, which has a similar experience as our platform, allowing to have multiple activities behind a single LTI activity. With this release we are disabling this feature for all customers. This means that pages with a course/path will no longer work, and the activities in the folders need to be setup as separate tools. Our support team can help you transition. The feature can be enabled again until the next release on request, to have a bit more time to transition.

This concludes the Release Notes v2.61 February 2021.
If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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