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Grading in Brightspace

The current workflow of using grading in Brightspace and the connection to the Grade Center

Updated over a week ago

As of the release of February, we have made alterations to the way grade items are created in Brightspace to support the creation of grade items in the new content experience that Brightspace is slowly rolling out.
​The old grading flow:
Before this release, grade items in Brightspace were never created automatically when the API was turned on. (We have always recommended clients to not use grading in Brightspace without API. If grades were sent from FeedbackFruits when used only with LTI, no API, and no grade item was present, an automatic grade item was created)

Due to the changes we made in the February release, we, unfortunately, noticed that not everything worked as we hoped. For each FeedbackFruits activity that was opened by either a student or teacher, when the API was enabled, and no grade item was made for that activity before, we erroneously automatically created a grade item. This was unexpected behaviour that not show in our testing, and was potentially confusing or disruptive to our customers - we are tremendously sorry for harm caused.

The new grading flow:
When a FeedbackFruits activity is created in Brightspace, and no grade item was added within Brightspace manually, when the teacher triggers a grade being sent to the LMS, we create a grade item for them.

This concludes the Grading in Brightspace article.
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