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Postponing the hand-in and/or reviewing deadlines of assignments
Postponing the hand-in and/or reviewing deadlines of assignments

Changing the deadlines for handing-in assignments and for reviewing them

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Within FeedbackFruits it is possible to modify the deadlines in an assignment after they have expired.

First, the instructor can modify the deadline by entering the edit screen of the activity. On the top right, the instructor clicks on the purple 'edit' button.

Then, the instructor can scroll down to the corresponding step they would like to extend the deadline for. From there, the instructor needs to press the 'Scheduling deadlines' tab, which will open a menu.

Note: This menu will only appear after choosing 'After a certain date' for 'This task closes'.

Fig 1. The scheduling deadlines menu in the submissions per group step

Then in step 3 'Given Reviews', the instructor can follow the same steps as above to change the reviewing deadline for students. When this is changed, an email will be sent with a notification of the new deadline date, only to those students who have not completed this step.

Fig 2. The scheduling deadlines menu in the given reviews step

Changing the deadline will apply for all the students, including those that already uploaded their assignments. Therefore, they will have the chance to change or modify that assignment, however if they have completed the hand-in step they will not receive a normal notification email with a reminder 24 hours prior to the new deadline. For more information about the general email notifications, please see this article.

Grant deadline extensions to specific students

It is also possible to extend the deadline for a specific student. To do this, the instructor will need to press the person icon to the left of the deadline date. This will open another menu.

Fig 3. The grant extension option when hovering the mouse over the person icon

Fig 4. The grant extension pop up that appears after pressing the icon

Here, the instructor can search for the student and then set up the new deadline date. If needed, the teacher can also set up a different deadline for more students by pressing the gray '+ add new extension' on the bottom.

As always, the last step requires the instructor to click the "Save" button in order to save the new deadline dates.

This concludes the Postponing the

hand-in and/or reviewing deadlines of assignments tutorial.
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