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Skill Review: For Students
Skill Review: For Students

This article is a step by step guide for students on Skill Review, with all the information any student needs to get started.

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In this article we will walk you through how to use Skill Review from the perspective of a student.

If you’d like more information on how this tool works, you can check out the overview article here:

Tool In Action


We're devoted to making our tools as accessible as possible for all learners - to read more about accessibility in FeedbackFruits tools, check this article: Accessibility: Within FeedbackFruits Tools.

Step 1: Instructions

In this step, you can read the instructions that have been set by your teacher.

Screenshot showing step 1, the read instructions step

Step 2: Feedback From Teacher

Since the teacher is the one to provide feedback in this type of assignment, as a student you can move straight on to the next step (step 3: Read received feedback) after the teacher has finished giving feedback.

When the teacher has provided feedback, the text will change from You will receive feedback from your teacher on your skills to You have received feedback from your teacher on your skills.

Screenshot showing step 1, Read instructions

Step 3: Read Received Feedback

When the teacher has completed their feedback, you will see the name of the teacher(s) who has/have reviewed you. The number of added comments is displayed next to their name.

To start reading the feedback, click on the blue text balloons to see the specific comments. To see all the feedback, click on the name(s) under Received feedback or by clicking on the purple view feedback button.

Screenshot showing step 3: Read Received feedback

When viewing your received feedback you will see the different criteria (set up by the teacher) and the received feedback per criterion.

Screenshot showing the received feedback within step 3

Step 3: Give Feedback-on-Feedback (If Made Available)

If your teacher has added the step to give feedback-on-feedback, it will be shown at step 3. Students can start with this step when step 2 Feedback by teacher is completed. Students can rate the usefulness of the received feedback using the numbers below. Students can also leave a comment for the teacher to see.

Screenshot showing the optional feedback-on-feedback step in the received reviews page


Finally, at the bottom of the assignment, the points of the grading are shown (see image below as an example). You can see a breakdown of the points received per criteria by clicking on the “down arrow” under Feedback by teacher.

Screenshot showing the grading module with published grades

If the teacher hasn't yet published your grades, the grading section will be shown as in the image below:

Screenshot showing the grading module when the grades have not (yet) been published

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