As mentioned in the API Primer, the API integration greatly improves the user experience for teachers using FeedbackFruits.

The Blackboard integration uses the REST API integration with a service account. A SOAP integration is no longer needed.

Configuring the REST API

Set up a system role

FeedbackFruits needs permissions to view courses, memberships, groups, group memberships, modules and users, and permissions to view and write calendar events.

  1. Go to System admin, then click System Roles

2. Click Create Role
3. Fill out the required fields as you wish

4. Click Submit
5. In the list of roles, hover over the just created role, and open the dropdown menu with the arrow
6. Click Privileges

7. Select:

  • Administrator Panel (Courses) > Courses

  • Administrator Panel (Users) > Users

  • Course/Organization (Content Areas) > View Material Settings

  • Course/Organization > Groups > View All Groups

  • Course/Organization Control Panel (Users and Groups) > Users

  • Course/Organization Control Panel (Tools) > Calendar

  • Course/Organization Control Panel (Tools) > Calendar > Create Entry

  • Course/Organization Control Panel (Tools) > Calendar > Delete Entry

  • Course/Organization Control Panel (Tools) > Calendar > Edit Entry

8. Hover over Privileges, then select Permit Privileges

Set up the service account

  1. Go to System admin, then click Users

2. Click Create User
3. Fill out the required fields as you wish
4. Give this user the just created system role

5. Click Submit

Enable the REST API integration

  1. Go to System admin, then click REST API integrations

2. Click Create Integration
3. Fill out the fields
Application ID: d9f15e80-3b76-4fdc-b568-9fa3be92fccc
Learn User: The user you just created

4. Click Submit

You'll receive word from your FeedbackFruits contact to let you know if everything is working.

This concludes the Configuring the API for Blackboard tutorial.
If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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