This article will walk you through how you can monitor your students' progress, view and view the feedback they gave each other in a Group Member Evaluation assignment. 

In the top-right corner of the screen, you can click the focus button to display the assignment in full screen mode. Click the three dots to edit the assignment.

Student Progress Overview

At the top of the assignment, you will see the Overall student progress overview. Click on Statistics per active student to see individual students' progress. Here you can see if students have read the instructions, given feedback, the total number of review comments, and finally, if students have read the feedback they received. 

Click on the headers in each column to change the order (ascending or descending) in which students are displayed.

The check marks under read instructions mean that that student has finished the step. The light purple dot means the student has not read the instructions yet. The red dot means the student has missed the deadline for handing in.

Under the give feedback header, you see a rod for each review that a student needs to complete. In the example in the screenshot, students need to complete two reviews. A dark purple rod stands for a finished review.

A light purple rod means a peer has been assigned for the student to evaluate, but the evaluation is not yet complete.

A white rod means the student has not yet been assigned a student to evaluate, click here for an explanation on how peers are assigned.

It is also possible to export all the student data into an excel file. This file contains information concerning review ratings, review comments and grading. You can download this export by clicking on the 'download' button in the overall student progress window.

Step 1: Instructions

Here you'll see the instructions you set when you configured the assignment. You can change these by clicking the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Given Reviews

In step 2 you see which students finished their reviews, how many criteria they finished,  and the total number of comments they wrote. Click the headers to change the order (ascending or descending) in which students are displayed. By clicking on the three dots in Review Progress you can enable show ratings per criterion. After enabling this the average review rating given by the student will be visible in the table.

Under the header review progress, you can see the percentage of how far the student is with writing their reviews.

Click on the progress statement to see which peer the student has been assigned to review.

You the feedback receiver on the left and the given feedback on the right. The review exists of comments, ordenend per criterion. If there are multiple reviews given, the average ratings and the accumulated comments are shown here. Click filter to select a student of whom you'd like to see the review. 

Use the X button to navigate back and forth between a single review and the accumulated reviews. It is possible to have a grade be send back to the LMS, of the average of all given ratings to 1 student. Click here for an explanation about grading. 

Click here, for an explanation on how to comment on and upvote provided feedback and how to give feedback to the student yourself.

Step 3: Received Reviews

Here you see an overview of which students have read all the feedback they received, and which have not (yet) done so. Click the headers for the columns to reverse the order (ascending or descending) in which students are displayed. 

Under review progress, you can see the percentage of how far the student is with reading and reflecting on their feedback comments.

In the overview you can also see how many comments the student has seen, if they written a reflection (only if you enabled the option write a reflection on the received feedback when you configured the assignment) and when they were last active. 

In the column reflection written, a dark purple check mark means it was written in time. A light purple circle means it has not (yet) been written. A red circle means the student did not write the reflection and the deadline has passed.

Click on the progress statement under review progress to get the following screen. Here you see the written reflection Click view or the text balloon (comment) to view the work that the student handed in (including the feedback they received).

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