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Migrating from Peergrade to FeedbackFruits Peer Review: A Comprehensive Guide
Migrating from Peergrade to FeedbackFruits Peer Review: A Comprehensive Guide
Updated over a week ago

As Peergrade is being phased out, we're here to support you in a smooth transition to FeedbackFruits Peer Review. This guide will illustrate how to recreate your Peergrade activities, including activity titles and descriptions, rubrics, and deadlines, in FeedbackFruits Peer Review.

Setting up an Activity: Title and Description

In FeedbackFruits, the activity title can be changed from within your Learning Management System (LMS). Similarly, the instructions section serves as the activity description where you can detail the assignment's purpose and requirements.


  1. Navigate to the activity setup screen in your LMS for FeedbackFruits.

  2. Choose Peer Review.

  3. Change the activity title as needed in FeedbackFruits.

  4. Fill in the instructions section with your activity's description in the "Instructions" step.

For more information on setting up an activity, check out this article with video explainer: Peer Review | Setting up

Creating Rubrics

FeedbackFruits allows you to set criteria to guide students as they give feedback, much like rubrics in Peergrade. You can edit, add, or delete criteria as per your needs.


  1. Navigate to the "Given reviews" section of the activity setup screen.

  2. Click on "configure" to set up the review criteria.

  3. Edit, add, or delete criteria as necessary. You can choose from rubric, scale ratings or comment criteria to allow for quantitative and qualitative feedback.

For more detailed information on setting up rubrics, please find this help centre article: Setting up feedback criteria (rubrics, scale ratings and comment criteria).

Setting Deadlines and Submission Requirements

Setting deadlines for submissions and reviews is an important part of structuring your peer review activity. In FeedbackFruits, you can set a specific deadline for submissions and for giving feedback.


  1. In the "Submissions" section, set the required number of files that students need to submit, and open the "Scheduling deadlines" menu.

  2. At "This task closes", choose "After a certain date". You can now set the deadline.

  3. In the "Given reviews" section, specify how many peers each student has to review and set the deadline for giving feedback.

For more detailed information on deadlines and granting extensions to individuals and groups, check out this article:

Review Settings

FeedbackFruits offers several options for how reviews are conducted. Students can review individually, within groups, outside their groups, or as a group.


  1. In the "Instructions" section, select your preferred review settings.

  2. Choose the hand-in and review options that best fit your class's needs.

  3. [FeedbackFruits screenshot for functionality: Setting review settings]

Reflect on Activity

Finally, FeedbackFruits provides an option for students to reflect on their experiences with the activity. This is an optional step, but it can provide valuable insights for both students and instructors.

Click the "Add learning step" button at the bottom of the activity

Select the "Reflect on activity" learning step by clicking the "Add" button

Set up deadlines or additional instructions in the "Scheduling deadlines" and "Guiding students" sections

We hope this guide helps you in the smooth transition from Peergrade to FeedbackFruits Peer Review. If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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