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Release notes v2.77 May 2022
Release notes v2.77 May 2022

New ISM settings design, Group Contribution Grading improvements, improved grading items, Discussion on topic iteration, AF tool onboarding

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(12-05-2022) The next release is scheduled in approximately three days. The release will contain the following:

  • New settings design in ISM

  • Group Contribution Grading out beta

  • Group Contribution Grading grade breakdown visible for students

  • Improving configuring grading items for teachers

  • Discussion Assignment has been renamed to "Discussion on Work"

  • Discussion on Topic iteration 2

  • Onboarding for Automated Feedback

  • FeedbackFruits tools available in Dutch

  • Patch notes: Improvements and Bug fixes

New settings design in ISM

Interactive Study Materials (Video, Document and Audio) now have improved settings design. The current design is meant to provide more clarity and an enhanced overview of the available settings.

This design is a feature-flag meaning that the old design remains in the tools unless it is requested. If you are interested in having the new settings enabled, please ask the account manager for your institution to manually enable it for a particular user or on the institutional level.

The view of the closed and open settings in edit mode with the new design

Group Contribution Grading out of beta

Group Contribution Grading is a feature flagged functionality to graduate out of beta, into general availability.

This change means that the feature will no longer have to be enabled for a user/institution but will automatically become available for everyone to use.

Group Contribution Grading grade breakdown visible for students

When Group Contribution Grading was enabled, students would only see their final grade, without the details on how the grade was determined. These details are now provided: students see their group grade, their own received ratings and the teacher's grade adjustment, including the adjustment that was suggested.

The student view of the grading module

Improving configuring grading items for teachers

When customising the grading facets in an activity, teachers didn't always realize that facets could be removed or ungraded by changing the weight to 0. On the other hand, ungraded or inactive facets were hidden by default, and it always not always clear that these could be enabled.

This has now changed: the task overview now shows the currently enabled grading facets, with a configure button that opens a dialog with all possible grading facets and toggles to include/exclude facets. You can read more about the configurable grading in this article.

The view of the grading module in the edit mode

Discussion assignment has been renamed to "Discussion on Work"

This change aims to align with our upcoming "Discussion on Topic" tool. More information on this tool will follow soon.

Discussion on Topic iteration 2

This iteration is adding step 3 in the discussion step. The interface will look very similar to the discussion step in Discussion on Work.

Currently the tool is behind a feature flag for further testing and requires few developments. More updates on the tool will be available in the next release notes. If you are interested in having it enabled, please let us know to enable it manually.

Discussion from teacher and student perspective after adding a topic

The view of the step in the edit mode

Onboarding for Automated Feedback

Automated Feedback now includes an onboarding window explaining the steps of the tool.

FeedbackFruits tools available in Dutch

We now detect your browser/OS language, and if it's in Dutch, FeedbackFruits will be translated. This can be changed from the Settings menu.

Patch notes

FeedbackFruits release notes now include patch notes in order to share some of the smaller improvements and bug fixes with our users as well.

Allocations dialog improvements

Teachers can now access the allocation dialog in step 'Given reviews' without having to go into the edit mode.

Additionally, we attach an explanation as to why is not possible to change an allocation if the student has started working.


This release includes small bug fixes for the reference in Automated Feedback. It includes reference count criterion and corrected consistency in the way references were counted. All reference-related criteria should now consider the same number of references.

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