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This feature enables a teacher to calculate a student’s grade based on the contribution of this individual student to the group deliverable. After students complete their feedback assignment, the Group Contribution Factor for every student is shown, based on the ratings by their peers. In Fig. 2 we can see the scores that students received from their peers compared to the total available points. Here the teacher can see how the student scored relatively. 

With this feature, teachers gain a better insight in the dynamics within a group during a project. An important issue that is being tackled with this feature is the problem of free-riding. 

As shown in Fig. 1, the teacher can decide how much they want each criterion to weigh within the total grade. Teachers also have the option to receive a suggested grade adjustment for each student, based on the assessment of the student's peers. You can find this in Fig. 3. This adjustment is only an advice, the actual adjustment to the grade can still be filled in manually by the teacher. Lastly, when self-assessment is enabled the teacher will see the self to peer assessment ratio. This will allow for the detection of possible free-riding issues. 

To give you an insight on how the numbers are calculated, this is a short explanation on the used formulas.
The Group Contribution Factor is calculated as follows. An individual's average score is divided by the average score of the group. The square root is then taken over that result and rounded to three decimal places.
The Self to Peer Assessment is calculated rather similarly. When self-assessment is enabled, the average score of the self assessment is divided by the average score that others rated this person with. Again, the square root is then taken over that result and rounded to three decimal places. 

Fig. 1: Amount of points awarded for each criterion 

Fig 2: Available points /// received points 

Fig. 3: Suggested adjustment based on peer review and actual adjustment made by teacher

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