1. Navigate to Site administration, click the Plugins tab, and click on Manage tools under External tool

  1. Click configure a tool manually

  2. Fill out the fields:

Name: FeedbackFruits

Tool URL:

LTI version: LTI 1.3

Public key type: Keyset URL

Public keyset:

Initiate login URL:

Redirection URI(s): same as Tool URL

Tool configuration usage: Show in activity chooser and as a preconfigured tool

Content-Item Message: check

Content Selection URL: same as Tool URL

Icon URL:

IMS LTI Assignment and Grade Services: Use this service for grade sync and column management

IMS LTI Names and Role Provisioning: Use this service to retrieve members' information as per privacy settings

3. Click Save changes

4. On the newly configured tool, click on the View configuration details icon next to the settings icon

Please copy or make a screenshot of the configuration details and send them to us, so we can create the deployment on our side too.

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