Create the Developer Key

1. Navigate to the Admin tab and select Developer Keys

2. Click + Developer Key and select + LTI Key

3. Switch the Method to Enter URL

4. Fill out the Key Name and Owner Email fields as you wish

5. Fill out the Redirect URIs with the URI corresponding with your region:

6. Fill out the JSON URL with the URI corresponding with your region:

7. Click Save

8. On the overview of the tools, switch the tool to ON

9. Copy the Client ID for the tool, which is displayed in the Details column

Create the App

1. Navigate to the Settings tab in the Admin panel

2. Click View App Configurations

3. Click + App

4. Select By Client ID as the Configuration Type

5. Fill out the just copied Client ID

6. Click Submit

7. Click Install

8. On the overview of the apps, find the new tool, and click the gear icon

9. Click Deployment Id

10. Copy the Deployment ID

Please send both the Client ID and the Deployment ID, and the URL of your Canvas to us, so we can create the deployment on our side too.

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