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How to review student activity in Quiz?

Updated over a week ago

Once you've published your Quiz, an extra element is added to your setup screen: Overall student progress.

Here you can see statistics related to attendance of your students and the percentage of correctly answered questions and how many questions have been answered in total, either on average or per individual. You can sort the table by clicking on the header of each column.

Note: you can also use the “EXPORT ANALYTICS” button to export this information to an excel sheet in which you will see a complete overview.

Click on 'view questions' to see the results and answers of your students.

An overview will appear showing how many students have answered per question and what they have answered exactly. If the full answer of the student(s) is not visible, you can view it by clicking on show more.

Note: it is also possible to upvote the students' answers- by clicking on the thumb symbol or even delete them so that the student can answer a question again, if necessary- by clicking on the three dots.

This concludes the Quiz | Teacher Perspective tutorial.
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