Currently, calendar sync might not work as expected for some institutions using Canvas or Brightspace/D2L as their LMS.

What is the issue you are facing?

When a FeedbackFruits activity is created in a LMS, a calendar event is also created in the LMS for the deadlines set from within FeedbackFruits. A calendar sync between the two enables any changes made to the FeedbackFruits activity deadline to be updated in the LMS calendar. In some cases, the calendar sync does not work as expected, which can result in an inaccurate display of deadlines to students.

When can this happen?

Setting up activities in advance

It might be that you as a lecturer want to create several FeedbackFruits activities ahead of time with the intention of releasing them on a specific date, without making students aware yet of the upcoming deadline. FeedbackFruits tries to prevent unpublished activities from showing up in the calendar, but in some circumstances, this can still happen. This can occur despite the assignments being unpublished in the LMS. Normally, the LMS calendar would be updated regarding the deadline when an assignment is unpublished.

Deleted assignments showing as ‘active’ in LMS

Another possibility for why you might be experiencing calendar sync issues is because of FeedbackFruits activities that you created and deleted afterwards. In this case, the status of the FeedbackFruits activity you deleted is not updated correctly to the LMS calendar. The activity is still considered ‘active’ in the LMS which also results in it displaying the deadline associated with ‘deleted activity.’

What can you do about it?

We are working on improving our detection of draft/deletion status of activities, and therefore improving when deadlines are made visible. In the meantime, we recommend institutions facing this issue to disable calendar sync in their LMS.

We hope that this explains properly why you might be experiencing syncing issues between the LMS calendar and FeedbackFruits deadlines. For any questions please contact our support team.

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between the LMS calendar and FeedbackFruits deadlines? article.
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