Automated Feedback: Overview

This article is a walkthrough of our Automated Feedback tool, showing its functionalities and applicability in different scenarios.

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In this article we will walk you through the intended purpose of Automated Feedback.

Automated Feedback addresses mechanical and structural elements like citation, academic style, grammar, and structure, leaving teachers with more time to focus on higher-order cognitive skills like comprehension and critical argumentation of concepts.

Automated Feedback tool helps build a holistic learning experience over a correctional one by taking care of lower-order concerns, making personalized feedback possible even for a large student cohorts.

Here you can find our user guides for Automated Feedback:

How It Works

The goal of Automated feedback tool has been to help teachers save time and energy by automation of recurring review tasks. This is achieved by giving students real-time feedback on the quality of academic writing in their assignments with our new AI-powered tool.

This award-winning teaching tool review students' work based on criteria set by the teacher. Criteria range from straightforward checks, actionable inline feedback, suggestions, and compliments in relation to students' academic writing.

Some examples are:

  • Content checks: whether written work contains all required sections‍

  • Figures & Table checks: whether figures have captions and if they are being referred to in the text‍

  • Academic writing checks: whether abbreviations are properly introduced and whether verb tenses are consistently‍

  • Citation checks: Reference formatting‍

  • Layout checks: Layout of written work

As a result, students improve the quality of their work in terms of writing, resulting in more readable and easier assignments to review.

Before you are able to start working with Automated Feedback, make sure that the module has been added to your LMS environment. Navigate to these articles for specific help with that.

Automated Feedback is a supporting module for students. As a teacher, you will be able to see which of the pre-defined criteria your students passed. Nevertheless, it cannot be used to grade students. Setting up Automated Feedback will save you time, and will provide your students with additional formative feedback moments that can help improve the quality of their work.

What Features Can I use With Tool?

The options available to you will depend on your contract with us - these are the general features that can be added to this tool:

Highlighted Features

Automated Feedback Coach (AI): AI-powered Automated Feedback Coach assists higher education educators in guiding students to deliver better feedback. This plugin offers real-time feedback suggestions for instructors based on student feedback. It detects and addresses issues like brevity, generality, personal attacks, and redundancy. Additionally, it recognizes and commends students for high-quality feedback.

Turnitin Integration: If the institution has a license with Turnitin, instructors can enable plagiarism check setting for students to have their submissions reviewed for plagiarism by Turnitin.

Student Autonomy: Typically, students' work is reviewed based on criteria established by the teacher. However, we also offer a feature that allows teachers to enable students to configure their own criteria.

Benefits of using Automated Feedback

Automated Feedback saves time with instant feedback

  • Create Scalable AI-powered feedback opportunities - Give more students more feedback in less time, making personalized feedback possible at even the largest scales.

  • Streamline lower-order feedback - Provide students with real-time, formative feedback on their academic writing skills based on criteria selected by instructors.

  • Overview of learning analytics - Access class-wide and individual learning analytics via built-in dashboard that highlight larger points of improvement, enabling opportunities for personalized learning experiences.

Good to Know

Choosing feedback criteria

For a more detailed explanation of each criteria to help you decide what is most suited for your assignment, please go to this article.

After you have selected your criteria, please try them out first to make sure you are on board with the feedback we provide. You can do this after you have saved your current set-up. You can always add or delete any of the criteria, even after you have saved the assignment. More information about trying out the criteria and understanding the tool after you've set up your assignment can be read in this article.

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