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Enable grading for FeedbackFruits in your LMS
Enable grading for FeedbackFruits in your LMS

How do I enable grading for FeedbackFruits assignments?

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For all FeedbackFruits tools a grade can be send back to the LMS (Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace etc). Rubrics, scale ratings, correct answers in multiple choice and open questions can all be taken into account when determining the grade, depending on the grading configuration the teacher chooses.

When grading for a FeedbackFruits assignment is enabled, a column in the Grade Book or Grade Center is automatically added for the FeedbackFruits assignment. 

Enabling Grading in Canvas

Keep in mind that when using Canvas, it is only possible to enable grading when adding the FBF tool as an Assignment, not as a Module.

Enter the desired number of points, set the submission type to external tool and enter or find the external tool URL for Peer Review or Group Member Evaluation.

Enabling Grading in Blackboard

When creating a FeedbackFruits assignment in Blackboard, scroll down to grading and select yes for enable evaluation. Enter the desired number of points. Setting a due date is not necessary, since students will already be notified about the deadline you set in FeedbackFruits.

Enabling Grading in Brightspace

Open the FeedbackFruits assignment in Brightspace and scroll down to the bottom of the page. If you have already created a grade item for the assignment, select it from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, click the + button to create a new grade item. If no grade item is made beforehand, FeedbackFruits will create a grade item for you when the grades are published in the assignment.

Fill in a title and the desired maximum number of points and any other details you find appropriate. Since FeedbackFruits sends the average rating a student received back as a percentage of the total number of points available, enabling can exceed has no effect on the grade, unless you manually adjust the grades in Brightspace after they are sent by FeedbackFruits.

Enabling Grading in Moodle

When creating a FeedbackFruits assignment in Moodle, grading is automatically enabled. You will find the 'Grading' section in the middle of your page, right after 'Privacy'. Select the type of grading you want - none, scale or points. After selecting points, you can also select the minimum grade students must have to pass the assignment. 

This concludes the Enable grading for FeedbackFruits in your LMS tutorial.
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