This article will walk you through how you can monitor your students' progress, view and download their submissions and most importantly: how to provide feedback to your students.

Student Progress Overview

In the top-right corner of the screen, you can click the focus button to display the assignment in full screen mode. Click the three dots to edit the assignment.

At the top of the assignment, you will see the Overall student progress overview. Click on Statistics per active student to see individual students' progress. Here you can see if students have read the instructions, handed in their work, if you have already provided feedback, the average time per review you spent, the total review comments, and finally, if students have read the feedback they received

Click on the headers in each column to change the order (ascending or descending) in which students are displayed. Click here for the caption on learning analytics symbols. 

It is also possible to export all the student data into an excel file. This file contains information concerning student uploads, review ratings, review comments and grading. You can download this export by clicking on the 'download' button in the overall student progress window.

Step 1: Instructions

Here you'll see the instructions you set when you configured the assignment. You can change these by clicking the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen. 

Step 2: Submissions

Here you see an overview of all the students who have handed in their work, if they handed it on time or not, and which students  are still in progress. If the deadline has not yet passed, you can click postpone next to the deadline to change the deadline. If the deadline has passed, but you want students to be able to still submit their work, you can edit the assignment, and either change the deadline or enable allow late hand-in).

You can also view student submissions online. Click on the blue icon with a document in each student row to see which files they submitted. Click view to display the submitted work.

Note that If the student submitted a video, you will see the video player instead of the document.

Step 3: Give Feedback

How to provide feedback to your students? 

Start by clicking the submission of the student you'd like to review. You will see the submitted work, with the review criteria listed in the right sidebar. To give a score for criterion, drag the slider.

If you've selected the collaboration option hand in work individually, show in groups, the students will be displayed in groups, allowing each teacher to easily select the students from groups they've been assigned to review.

To give qualitative feedback, drag a box around the section of the text that you want to give feedback on (see the screenshot below). Select the applicable criterion from the drop-down menu in the top-right corner, and write your comment.

If your comment concerns the text as a whole rather than a specific section, click the purple pen button on the bottom right of the screen, select the appropriate criterion, and write your comment. Additionally, you can add an attachment to your comment.  

Students can comment on your feedback. Click here, for an explanation on how to respond to such comments. 

Step 4: Received reviews

Here you see an overview of which students have read all the feedback they received, and which have not (yet) done so. Click the headers for the columns to reverse the order (ascending or descending) in which students are displayed. Students make progress in the analytics by reading their received feedback comments and, if enabled, writing a reflection.

Click on the squares under received reviews to bring up the screen below. Click view to display the work that the student handed in (including the feedback they received). In this screen you also see the written reflection. 

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