Participation Grading

Add a participation grading module to your Peer Review, Group Member Evaluation of Interactive Study Material assignment.

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Grade students' feedback based on their own selected best contributions. Create a safe online learning environment in which students feel free to contribute because they feel the safety of only being graded on what they themselves mark as their best comments.

Let's have a look at the setup of a Peer Review assignment with Participation Grading.

Click the +button below step 4 of your Peer Review assignment, or below step 3 of a Group Member Evaluation assignment.

Click the Participation Grading Assignment module.

A new step is inserted into your assignment. Either in between step 3 and 4 or in-between step 2 and 3 for Group Member Evaluation, the new step 'Select your best comment' is displayed.

Fill out your instructions. What is expected of the students? Let them know for instance you will be grading their feedback, based on what they themselves select as their best provide feedback to their peer.
Is there a deadline? Students can change their selection until you as a teacher has sent a grade or if a deadline is set, till the deadline has passed. Be aware of the total amount of deadlines you set in one assignment.

Comments are graded on a scale from 1 to 10.
To adjust the number of comments a student has to select, click 'Settings' and a menu will dropdown. Click the number on the right at 'Required submissions' and fill in the number of comments that you want each student to submit. This way, you can grade their feedback based on multiple comments, not just on one.

Save your assignment after adjusting the right settings of the Peer Review assignment. Students start handing in their work and reviewing each other, after which they will be able to select their best contribution(s). Click here for the student perspective.

Once students have selected their best comment(s), you will see this in your overview. Click 'grade contributions', to grade multiple students at once, or 'grade'.

Below you can see the selected comment of Bas. You can grade this comment on a scale from 1 to 10. By clicking 'submit and back to assignment' the grade is not yet sent to the student.

After grading all comments from all students, you can click 'send grades to students. After you have sent out the grades, students can no longer change their selection of comments. Students can change their selection until you as a teacher has sent a grade or if a deadline is set, till the deadline has passed.

If necessary, you can still change the grade of a student. In this case, you don't have to send out grades again, it will change automatically.

This concludes the Participation Grading tutorial.
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