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Portfolio: Student Initiated Feedback
Portfolio: Student Initiated Feedback
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Placing students in the drivers seat and allowing for them to request feedback from any stakeholder they would like helps us further bridge academia and world of work.

Students can request feedback on a set of criteria that stem from Institutional and Shared Libraries โ€“ students can request feedback on either an artefact or skills.

They can share a link with any person internal or external to their institution - this person can then provide quantitative or qualitative feedback on the criteria the student selected.

This offering is available to our CBA strategic outcome and teaching & learning system partners - check with your account manager at FeedbackFruits if you would like to have access to this offering.

Where can I read more about Libraries and Portfolio?

We recommend reading our introduction articles before moving forward with this article:

You can find all of our help centre articles on Portfolio & Libraries here:

Student Initiated Feedback In Action

Step 1: Requesting Feedback

Students access their portfolio from their institution's LMS and select Request Feedback.

They can choose between two types of requests, one that contains an artefact and one that is only on skills.

Step 2: Criteria selection

Once the type of request has been chosen, the student then selects the criteria within the rubric they want to get feedback on.

These criteria stem from Institutional and Shared Libraries created by the institution.

Step 3: Sending the Request

Students can copy the sharable link to this feedback form (at the bottom of the screen) to send to any stakeholders they wish to receive feedback from.

They can include any context or explanation for the request as a comment when sharing the link with the these stakeholders.

Step 4: Reviewer Receives Invitation

The reviewer can open the link shared with them and provide feedback to the student.

Note: If the invited reviewer does not yet have an account and/or has never used FeedbackFruits through the LMS, then they first have to create an account with FeedbackFruits.

If the user does have an account they will either be automatically authenticated, or asked to log in, in that case they can opt for a magic link in their email to log in.

The student can monitor the progress of the reviews in the activity; they can find this in their overview.

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