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Engagement Assistant in Interactive Study Materials: For Teachers
Engagement Assistant in Interactive Study Materials: For Teachers

How to automatically create discussion prompts, open questions and answers

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In this article we will walk you through how to use Engagement Assistant in Interactive Document, Video and Audio, an AI-powered question generator, from the perspective of a teacher.

Feature In Action

Engagement Assistant easily helps teachers create context-based discussion cards and open questions for their Interactive Documents, Videos and Audios.

To use it, teachers must select a part of the document by highlighting text or creating a selection box, or clicking on the timestamp in a video or audio progress bar.

Then, the option to create a ‘Discussion’ or ‘Question card’ will open. After selecting, the side bar will open. If choosing 'Question card', you will have to click on 'Open question'. Right underneath the text box, you will find a 'Suggest' button.

Fig. 1: Creating an open question by selecting a table and text. The Suggest button appears in the open question text box.

Once clicking on 'Suggest', AI will provide an automatically generated question or discussion prompt and an answer. These will be based on:

  • Bloom's Taxonomy: by randomly selecting one of the levels, namely: create, evaluate, analyze, apply, understand or remember.

  • Study material context:

    • Documents: 2 pages preceding and the page where the content is selected from.

    • Video and Audio: 4 minutes preceding to the timestamp.

Fig. 2: An automatically generated discussion prompt before being published.

Fig. 3: An automatically generated open question and answer before being published.

The question and answer won't be automatically published. Teachers can easily edit both the question and the answer, just like if they wrote them themselves. To save the question, press 'Publish'.

Please note:

  • Languages: for now, Engagement Assistant can listen or read other languages. However, auto-generated questions or discussion prompts will be given in English.

  • Auto-generation speed: on the first time generating content in Video and Audio, longer processing times are expected. Why? The AI has to process and read the transcript of the audio or video file before auto-generating content. It is not required for you to upload your own transcript.

  • Identifying AI: other teachers or students will not be able to see that a question has been automatically generated by AI. Read more about our Transparency Note here.

Good to Know

  • This feature is currently released under Alpha, and is only available in the USA, Canada and Europe upon request. If you or your institution are interested, please contact your FeedbackFruits Pilot and Partner Success Manager or your main FeedbackFruits contact person.

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