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Portfolio: Sharing of Portfolio for Students
Portfolio: Sharing of Portfolio for Students
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Access to portfolio is a core part of our Competency Based Assessment Strategic Outcome.

Institutions adopting these approaches to education will see an increase of stakeholders in the students learning journey, from peers, teachers, internship mentors and external company coaches. To support institutions transition to these forms of education, we have developed the ability for students to share their portfolio with whomever from their learning journey that they desire. Be that a person part of their institution, an internship supervisor or a coach.

We are building this for our partners who adopt a holistic, authentic and skills focused approach to education.

These approaches lay an emphasis on holistic student development and assessment. Specifically this functionality helps learners, learning coaches and external persons seamlessly share and gain access to student feedback.

Portfolio is available to our Competency Based Assessment strategic outcome partners and teaching and learning system partners.

Sharing of Portfolio in Action

Before a student can share their portfolio, the feature flag for portfolio sharing must be switched on - you can ask your FeedbackFruits partner team member for help on activating this.

To begin sharing their portfolio, a student needs to enter their portfolio and click the share button in the top right.

They'll receive a pop up asking them to add the email address of the person they'd like to share their portfolio with and an option to add a message alongside the invite.

Once an (optional) message and the email address have been added, the student needs to click invite to send an email invite.

The invited member will receive an email - from here, they'll see a clickable link to view the portfolio.

If the invited person has not used FeedbackFruits before, they'll need to create an account and login - if they are a FeedbackFruits user, they'll be prompted to log in.

Once the invited person logs in, they'll have read-only rights to the portfolio. Students can revoke this access whenever they like or remind someone of the invitation by resending the email.

Data in the student portfolio will be anonymised if the person is not enrolled in the courses in the LMS where the data is sourced from.

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