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Quiz: For Students
Quiz: For Students

This article is a step by step guide for students on our Quiz tool, with the information any student needs to get started.

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In this article we will walk you through how to use Quiz from the perspective of a student.

If you’d like more information on how this tool works, you can check out the overview article here:

Tool In Action

Step 1: Instructions

Before getting started with the assignment, you should read the instructions that have been set by your teacher. If you’ve been assigned work as part of a group, you will see the people that are in your group.

Image of what the student sees when accessing the quiz for the first time - there are no additional instructions left by the teacher. in the middle of the screen is the start step button to begin the quiz.

Step 2: Questions

Once you click start step, you'll be taken to the quiz. Along the bottom of your screen you'll see each question card - you do not have to answer the questions in the order they're placed. You can have either multiple choice or open questions depending on what your teacher has set up.

For each question, you have the option to skip & show answer - this will automatically award 0 points for that question.

Multiple Choice Questions

With multiple choice questions, you will have a prompt and several answers to choose from. Depending on your teacher's configuration, you may be able to select multiple answers.

Until you have selected your answers, the submit button will be greyed out - make sure to hit submit once you're happy with your selection or your answers won't be saved.

Image showing a multiple choice question from the student's perspective - at the top of the image is the question prompt. Below this is the answer section - written in a blue box is "multiple answers can be selected". Below the blue box are three answer options. At the bottom of the screen is a greyed out submit button; below this is the option to skip & show answer.

Open Questions

With open questions, there's no selection of answers given - this is an open ended question for your own interpretation. Your teacher may or may not add a correct answer depending on whether the question is intended to be reflective.

Since you may not have to submit an answer depending on the question your teacher has given, the submit button can always be pressed and is never greyed out - this allows you to complete the question without writing an answer to the prompt.

Image showing an open question example - at the top of the image is the question. Below is a textbox for the student's answer. The blue submit button is underneath the answer box. Below submit is an option to skip & show answer.

Good to Know

  • If you need to add code as an answer to a question, you can input LaTeX into our textboxes.

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