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Group Formation: For Students
Group Formation: For Students

A student's guide to using Group Formation

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Please skip to 04:17 in the video to jump straight to the student view.


In this article we will walk you through how to use Group Formation from the perspective of a student.

Tool In Action

Step 1: Instructions

When entering in a Group Formation activity from the student view, the first thing students will see are the assignment Instructions.

Instructions written by the teacher

Step 2: Take survey

In the next step, students will be able to complete their group formation survey by answering different question cards.

Take survey before starting the survey 

If the teacher has set up deadlines, students can also see if the assignment is currently open, not live yet, or if the deadline has passed. The can learn more about deadline restrictions by clicking on the Consequences button.

Take survey step indicating the deadline

Once students click Start survey, they will be able to answer all the questions set by their teacher, both multiple choice and open questions. For multiple choice questions, if the teacher has allowed so, they will be able to select multiple answers per question. 

In each question, students will be able to see if they will be grouped with peers who answered similarly or differently. Besides, on the top right corner, each student will be able to see their own survey progress.

Once submitted, students will not be able to modify their question answers.

Student answering a multiple choice question card with multiple answers enabled

To answer an open question, students can write their answers in the text box provided.

Open question card from the student view 

After answering an open or multiple choice question, it is very important to select Submit after each card. Not doing so, will not automatically record the answers. In parallel, students can chose to Skip an answer if they prefer not to answer. Students who choose to Skip or do not answer a question, will get grouped with peers who did not answer those same questions.

When finishing to answer all the questions, the activity step will be marked as completed, and no more actions will be required from the student side.

The teachers will share the group formation with the students outside of FeedbackFruits. Students can still click View survey, and check their questions and their answers. 

Take survey step finished from the student view

Good to Know

  • Students must press Submit in order to record an answer —it won't be recorded automatically.

  • Students cannot erase answers after submitting them. 

  • If a student doesn't answer a question (Skip or not Submit an answer), they will get grouped with peers who did not answer those same questions.

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