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How to review student activity in Discussion on Topic?

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This article will guide you through our Discussion on Topic tool and its possibilities. This article is written to help you to enhance your understanding of the functionalities of this tool.

In this article, a demo assignment with student activity shall be shown to let you see what the tool looks like when it's filled with activity.

Discussion on Topic with student activity

Now we will see what the assignment looks like when students have completed it.

Overall student progress

At the top of the assignment, you will see the overall student progress overview. You can see how many students have completed the assignment, how many comments students placed on average and the total number of upvotes.

Click on statistics per active student to see individual students' progress. Here you can see if the students have read instructions, handed in their assignment, participated in discussion the total number of comments they wrote and received, how many upvotes they have given and received and if they have reflected on the discussion. You can expand this table by clicking on the Fullscreen button.

If you press export analytics, a excel file will be downloaded in which the assignment analytics are available.

Step 1: Instructions

Here you'll see the instructions you set when you configured the assignment. You can change these by clicking the three dots in the top-right corner of the screen.

2. Discussion Posts

After the instructions in step 1, you can see whether students created a new post for other students to discuss.

3. Peer discussion

Step 3 offers you the possibility to see which students have been discussing posts from their peers by reading, responding, and upvoting replies. If your click on the Go to the discussion button, you will be able to see the overall progress .

In this step, the keyword insights feature will provide you with the most popular topics or words your students mention in a learning activity. This includes reviews, comments, and discussion threads. If you click on a word, you will see an overview of all the comments that contain this precise keyword. You can click on the comment and be driven to the precise context of the comment.

Finally, in this step, you can also grant extensions or change the deadline.

Reflection of the discussion

You can now easily click on the 'plus' button at the bottom of your activity to pop out the extra learning steps available for your activity such as reflecting on the activity or letting students select their most valuable contributions. By clicking on the purple 'ADD' button you add them to your activity!

This concludes the Discussion on Topic | Teacher Perspective tutorial.
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