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Libraries: Setting up Learning Journeys
Libraries: Setting up Learning Journeys

How to configure and use Learning Journeys.

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Learning journeys are multi-step templates for different target learning outcomes to foster student engagement, skills and success.

In our FeedbackFruits Platform, where you set up activity and rubric templates, you'll now find a space to create Learning Journeys.

This article will take you through where to set up Learning Journeys, how to design a Learning Journey and what implementation in your LMS looks like.

Note: To create or access a Shared or Institutional Library, you'll need to contact your partner success manager at FeedbackFruits to enable a feature flag. We recommend that only learning designers at institutions have access to creation of shared libraries, to avoid too many libraries being created. All users have access to My Library by default.

Where Can I Find Information On Libraries In Practice?

Please check out our comprehensive suite of articles covering all aspects of Libraries, Portfolio and Learning Journeys here:

Learning Journeys In Action

Where to Set Up Learning Journeys

Note: At this time, if you're setting up a Learning Journey within Canvas, the grades from the Learning Journey will not be pushed to the Canvas grade book.

You can set up learning journeys in all libraries on the FeedbackFruits Platform. For a full guide on accessing the FeedbackFruits Platform, check here:

Once inside the platform, you'll be able to set up Learning Journeys in the various libraries. All users will be able to set up in their own My Library, and those with access to Institution or Shared libraries will also be able to set them up there.

Designing Your Learning Journeys

Once you're ready to build your first Learning Journey, you can head to the Learning Journey page and hit the blue New Journey button.

If you want some more insight to how Learning Journeys work, you can also click the Show me how button to receive an onboarding within the platform.

You'll be prompted to provide a name, and optionally, a description for your Learning Journey.

Once you've saved the learning journey you can start adding FeedbackFruits activities to the journey using the blue circle with a white + button in the bottom right corner of your screen. This way you can start adding as many activities to the journey as desired.

You can always re-arrange activities to the order you desire, or delete them from the Journey if needed.

Implementing Your Learning Journeys in Your LMS

Once you're ready to implement your Learning journeys in your LMS course, you can head to your course and access the FeedbackFruits toolpicker as normal.

In the toolpicker you'll see your Learning Journeys in their respective location depending if they're set up in Institutional, Shared or My Library.

You can decide to implement the entire Learning Journey, or single activities that make up the Journey.

With one click, using the Implement button, your entire Learning Journey will now populate as separate activities ready to be used in your LMS course.

Implementing in the different Learning Management Systems


On the assignments page, you can implement Learning Journeys from these locations:

From a specific assignment group's three-dot menu:

From the general assignment page's three-dot menu:


Within a course, use the existing activities and select a Learning Journey from the toolpicker.

Creating a submodule, using the existing activities button, and selecting the Learning Journey from the toolpicker.


In your Moodle course you can implement a Learning Journey in the way you normally set up a FeedbackFruits Activity, just select the Learning journey you'd like to implement in the toolpicker.


In Blackboard you can also set up your Learning Journeys in a course, or within a sub folder:

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