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Release Notes v2.93 August 2023
Release Notes v2.93 August 2023

Actionable analytics, Skill Review workflow improvements, and Keyword insights out of beta

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(04-08-23) The new release update is scheduled for 2-3 pm CET and contains the following:

New releases

  • Actionable analytics

Improvements for teachers and LMS admins

  • Skill Review workflow improvements

Now available as public beta

  • Keywords insights

New releases

Actionable analytics

Based on feedback from our users, we have developed more comprehensive and visually appealing dashboards to display students' progress within each step of an activity.

Activity modules previously displayed multiple pieces of information per student, including activity, completion, and engagement levels. However, the dense and complex display made it difficult to read, resulting in teachers relying on Excel analytics instead of using the tools.

Thus, we have simplified and streamlined the data dashboards. An interactive progress bar helps monitor the students’ progress, and we have reduced the number of data points by prioritizing the most relevant ones for teachers. Additionally, teachers can find more metrics and information in the Excel export available for download in the Analytics module. By improving the teacher user experience and offering more transparent and meaningful data, we aim to help teachers take easy actions to drive students' progress and success in real-time during the learning activity.

These actionable analytics are available for the tools Peer Review, Group Member Evaluation, Skill Review and Assignment Review.

(Fig. 1: Actionable analytics displaying all the different progresses)

(Fig. 2: For easier navigation, teachers can inspect the analytics in full screen)

(Fig. 3: By clicking on the different status buttons, the analytics table will display different results)

Availability: This feature will be immediately available for everyone after the release. No need for additional request.

Improvements for teachers and LMS admins

Skill Review workflow improvements

In order to achieve a seamless user experience, we are constantly working to improve our products. Currently, we are redesigning important parts of our feedback tools to streamline workflows and provide a smoother experience for all users.

For now, we have started with Skill Review, although some of these improvements applying to other tools. These are the new improvements we are releasing this month:

  • New call to action buttons:View Reviews’,View Reflections’ and ‘Show Ratings’

We have implemented more intuitive buttons allowing teachers to efficiently access and review all class feedback, reflections and ratings in one seamless workflow, with just one click.

With the previous workflow, if teachers wanted to read student reviews or reflections, they had to hover over a student’s name for the ‘View’ button to appear. Now, we have implemented a clearer button allowing teachers to efficiently access and review all class feedback in one seamless workflow, with just one click.

(Fig. 4: New 'View Reviews' button)

(Fig. 5: New 'View Reflections' button)

When it comes to ‘Show Ratings’, we have added a new button to access the Analytics heatmap with more control. Previously, the Analytics heatmap appeared within the playlist. Users were unintentionally stumbling into the matrix while trying to complete their tasks, leading to a poorer user experience. We have removed the ‘Show Criteria’ button as well, for consistency with this new flow.

(Fig. 6: New 'Show Ratings' button)

These new buttons can be found:

  • ‘View Reviews’ button in the Received Reviews step for Skill Review, Assignment Review, and on the Given Reviews from Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation.

  • ‘View Reflections’ button, applies to Skill Review, Assignment Review, Peer Review and Group Member Evaluation

  • ‘Show Ratings’ button in the Received Reviews task for Skill Review, Assignment Review, and on both the Give Review and Received Reviews task for Peer Review, Group Member Evaluation and Team Based Learning (if Group Member Evaluation is added).

  • Reflections header per student displaying name and progress

Together with the access improvements to the Reflections module with ‘View Reflections’ button, we have added a header per student when navigating through the Reflections playlist.

The new Reflections header displays the student's name, their avatar (from the LMS) and their progress, allowing for quick identification and progress tracking in their learning experience.

(Fig. 7: New reflections header per student, displaying image, name and progress)

  • Streamlined navigation bar and playlist

We simplified the top navigation bar of our interface for navigating reviews by removing unnecessary playlist buttons that were causing confusion for some teachers. Now, only the most relevant and useful buttons remain 'Previous' and 'Next', allowing for easy navigation back and forth between students.

(Fig. 8: Simpler navigation bar )

  • Reuse Comments’ refinement

With the recent update, teachers and students will have the ability to edit their reused comments directly within the comment box before clicking post, providing greater control and customization over their feedback. It is important to note that in the redesign, students will no longer be able to reuse comments. Teachers will continue to have access to it.

(Fig. 9: Editing a reused comment before posting)

Availability: All these improvements will be immediately available for everyone after the release. No need for additional request.

Now available as public beta

Keyword insights

In April, we launched Keyword Insights, a feature which summarizes the most frequently used words in student discussions and comments, providing teachers with an overview of what students are saying in their FeedbackFruits activities. By analyzing the language patterns of their students, teachers can make more informed decisions about improving their teaching methods.

This feature has received a very positive and warm welcome by the first universities who used it. After this release, all teachers and admins will have access to this feature, and all new activities created will have insights automatically available. However, existing activities will not undergo automatic backfilling in the database due to the large size of data, except under special circumstances, to prevent performance issues. Backfilling requests must be made through Partner Success managers and assessed by FeedbackFruits.

(Fig. 10: Keyword insights displaying the most frequently used words.)

These are some of the highlights of the Keywords insights feature:

  • Availability in Peer Review, Group Member Evaluation, Discussion of Work and Discussion of Topic

  • Teachers can see which words are used, in how many comments, and by how many students, without having to navigate through the entire discussion.

  • The keywords summary will automatically update as soon as students start writing, and applicable to all sorts of student interactions including feedback comments, replies, discussions, and discussion threads.

  • Availability in multiple languages: English, Dutch, German and French. No need to configure anything, the software will recognize the words regardless of the language and group them.

Availability: This feature will be immediately available for everyone after the release. No need for additional request.

This concludes the August Release Notes v2.93. If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button.

(Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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