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(17-02-2023) The release update is scheduled for 2-3 pm CET and contains the following:

New releases

  • Preparation work step in Team-Based Learning

  • Free form discussions in Discussion on Topic


  • For teachers and LMS admins

    • Realtime synchronization for group and course enrolments

    • Confirmation button when deleting learning steps

    • Embedding FeedbackFruits in text pages in Canvas and Brightspace with LTI 1.3

  • For students

    • Summary drafts in Comprehension

  • For all users

    • Improved stability for larger uploads

Bug fixes

New releases

Preparation step in Team-Based Learning

The Team-Based Learning method involves different steps. The first one being the pre-class preparation work before starting with the steps 2, individual Readiness Assurance Test (iRAT) and 3, team Readiness Assurance Test (tRAT). In this steps students explore and interact with some class materials before being quizzed about them.

Until now, the pre-work step was not included in our Team-Based Learning tool, which was encouraged to be created as a separate Interactive Study Materials activity. After this release it will be possible to add it when creating or editing an activity, by pressing the + button at the very bottom of the activity.

This step is optional and the module works like our Interactive Study Materials tools. Find out more information on setting up question cards and discussion threads here.

(Fig. 2: After adding the pre-work step, it will be shown to the student as Step 2 of the assignment)

(Fig. 3: Preview of how a student can discuss the pre-work using a document file)

Free form discussions in Discussion on Topic

Until now, part of the Discussion on Topic tool included allocating students to a certain number of discussion prompts. With this improvement, teachers can create the assignment with zero allocations required, allowing students to participate in a free form discussion. The teacher will still be able to choose the required number of posts for students to discuss.

(Fig. 1: Setting up participation to 'Free form discussion' can be found under Step 3 in the edit mode)

Improvements for teachers and LMS admins

Real-time synchronization for group and course enrolments

This fix improves the enrolment synchronization between the LMS course and FeedbackFruits. Now, any time students enrol a course, or when groups are changed in the LMS, the groups in FeedbackFruits will be automatically updated in real-time.

Confirmation button when deleting learning steps

If as a teacher you want to delete a step in an assignment (either when creating a new activity or editing an existing one), FeedbackFruits will ask for confirmation first. This double-check provides more security to teachers when managing assignments: no step is erased by accident, nor configuration settings or student data is lost.

(Fig. 4: A new pop-up window confirming if you want to delete a module in the assignment)

Embedding FeedbackFruits in text pages in Canvas and Brightspace with LTI 1.3

Next to adding FeedbackFruits as a full module or assignment, it is now possible to add FeedbackFruits activities embedded in a text page, known as an Editor Button in Canvas or as Insert Stuff in Brightspace. This was already possible with LTI 1.1 but with LTI 1.3 this would add a link instead of an iframe.

Improvements for students

Summary drafts in Comprehension

Ever written a summary and before clicking 'Save', you accidentally lost it because you clicked somewhere else on the page? Now, the Comprehension tool includes draft auto-saving for summaries, meaning that no work will be lost even if the student navigates away from the text field, refreshes the page, or is logged out.

This improvement brings peace of mind to students: their work will be safe and sound even if they are halfway and they can continue working on it later. They only need to remember to press 'Save' after finishing their summaries.

Improvements for all users

Improved stability for larger uploads

When a teacher or student is uploading a large file, for instance, a very long video or a big ZIP file, sometimes the internet connection can fail. We have reinforced the protection against potential disconnects during the 'Processing' and the 'Uploading' phases, to ensure a more reliable content upload. Please note that uploading content still needs a continuous connection for it to complete successfully.

This concludes the February Release Notes v2.87.

If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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