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Release Notes v2.86 February 2023
Release Notes v2.86 February 2023

Optional grade adjustment, improved time window, Brightspace support LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3, no OAuth permission, bug fixes

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(20-01-2023) This release will contain the following:

  • Optional grade adjustment in team-based learning activities

  • Improved time window for team based and interactive study material activities

  • Brightspace support for migrating existing items from LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3

  • Teaching Assistants and Mentors are no longer asked for OAuth permissions

  • Bug fixes

Optional grade adjustment

In team based learning activities, teachers are now able to add optional grade adjustments in the grading module. In the 'Optional grade adjustment' tab teachers are able to adjust the grade for the assignment per student if needed.

Fig 1. Adjusting grades in the grading module by adding optional points

Improved time window

Teachers and students will now see a different interface. For teachers, they are now able to grant more time to students by clicking on 'Add x minutes', setting a custom deadline, or by granting an extension to specific students. For students, they have a better view of how much time they have left to complete each step in an assignment.

Fig 2. Teacher's point of view when adding extra time to a tRAT in the edit mode

Fig 3. Student's point of view when they receive a deadline extension

Brightspace support for migrating to LTI.13

Brightspace has been added to the list of supported learning management systems for migrating LTI 1.1. to LTI 1.3. With this new update, it is now possible to migrate existing activities created in version LTI 1.1 to LTI 1.3.

Teaching Assistants and Mentors are no longer asked for OAuth permissions

People with roles corresponding to Teaching Assistant or Mentor (observer) are no longer asked to give OAuth permissions, and are not used to synchronize courses, grades and calendar events. Note: This functionality is only available in version LTI 1.3.

This concludes the Release Notes v2.86.
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