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My Library | Activity and Rubric Template Management
My Library | Activity and Rubric Template Management
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Templates can be created from existing activities. This is available across all our tools that can currently be copied. Templates are per user which means users will not see each-others templates. There are three main ways you can create a template:

  • after you save/publish an assignment there is the new ‘create template’ button in the top right of the screen beside the options button

  • when creating a new activity, when we now click the copy from existing button we get the new dialog to choose an activity/template. In this dialog if you select an activity you will have the option to save this activity as a template.

  • [NEW] in your library

Creating templates in your library

New to FeedbackFruits, is "My library", a place for you to create, edit and manage your templates of activities and rubrics.

In "My library", you'll find two main sections, a space for rubric templates, and a space for activity templates.

Activity Templates

If you have created any templates before, you'll find them here. If you don't have any yet, or want to create more then you can get started by pressing the green plus button, where you'll be given the option to select a FeedbackFruits activity that you want to create a template for.

From the the dialogue you can select the relevant activity, and start setting up the template much like any other Feedbackfruits activity. You can customize all the settings and content, so that the template is ready for use. Once you save it, you'll see it pop up in your toolpicker under templates, ready for implementation. If you ever want to edit or manage the template, you can always go back to the platform.

Rubric Templates

Creating good rubrics takes time, and using the same rubric over again can help students understand expectations and reflect their development over time.

The rubric templates in "My library" now makes it easier to re-use and store rubrics in one central place. Rubrics live in folders, you can always create a new folder for them to live in by pressing the new folder button in top right corner, these could be for example used for categorization purposes, such as collaboration rubrics, or rubrics for a specific course.

Once you're ready to create a rubric just click on the green plus button. The set up is the same as within the FeedbackFruits tools that use rubrics. Once you're ready to save it, it'll now be part of your library, and you can implement it when you're setting up learning activities which feature rubrics.

When you're setting up an feedback assignment, click on the "add criteria" button,

From there, you'll see a new addition to the criteria dialogue, "use rubrics from my library", you'll see all the rubrics from your library, listed the same way you see them in your library.

Select the rubric you want to use, and you're ready to go! You can always add more than one, by following the process again.

This concludes the My Library – Activity and Rubric Template Management tutorial.
If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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