We have updated the names and categories of feedback criteria to help you understand their functionality. While these updates aim to reflect conventional academic writing practices, we modified some terminologies to make them easier to understand.

Here are the changes we made:

Names of categories

Old category name

New category name

Category description


Content and Structure

Contains criteria that give feedback on the structure of contents, the contents on a holistic level, and the materials discussed in the document.


Academic Language

Contains criteria that give feedback on mechanical and linguistic elements in the document.



Contains criteria that give feedback on the visual elements and formatting of the document.


Citing and Referencing

Contains criteria that give feedback on the content, usage, and formatting of listed references and their in-text citations.


Tables and Figures

Contains criteria that give feedback on the captions and format of tables and figures.

Names of criteria

Old name

Update name


Stable criteria


Personal pronouns

Certain personal pronouns should be avoided



Context-appropriate words and phrases should be used

Wording: Avoid confused words

Vocabulary: Distinguish commonly confused words

Commonly confused words should be distinguished based on the context (e.g. affect/effect)

Wording: Avoid redundant words

Vocabulary: Concise writing

Redundant words should be removed

Wording: Use proper collocations

Vocabulary: Proper word combinations

A word should be combined correctly with other words (correct collocations)


*Document language

Document should be written in a given language

Sentence length

*Sentence length

Sentences longer than a certain number of words should be split into shorter sentences

Reference citation count

Citation count of references

Referenced articles should be cited a certain number of times by other publications

Reference style

Citation style

References should be written in a given style

Beta criteria

Passive voice

Active voice

Passive voice should be avoided and replaced with active voice


Verb tense

Document should be written in a certain tense (past or present)

Reference usage

In-text citation of references

Listed references should be cited in the body text

Figure references

In-text citation of figures

Figures should be cited in the body text

Table references

In-text citation of tables

Tables should be cited in the body text

*These criteria have also been moved from their original category to another one.

We recognize that academic writing is a complex topic and there are diverse practices across different regions. These changes might not reflect all conventions.

Do you have any feedback?

We welcome any suggestions you may have to help us improve the Automated Feedback tool. Whether it is a suggestion for a new criterion or feedback on the UI and UX, we are here to hear it!

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