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Release notes v2.74 February 2022
Release notes v2.74 February 2022

Deadline extensions, explanation in MC-question answers, sharing of activities, and improved permissions screen for D2L + Canvas.

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(08-02-2022) The next release is scheduled in approximately four days. The release will contain the following:

  • Deadline extensions for all tools

  • New OAuth permissions screen in Brightspace and Canvas

  • Explanations for multiple-choice questions

  • Sharing of activities between users

  • Mediasite URL uploads are now supported

  • Improvements and bug fixes

Deadline extensions for all tools

Teachers are now able to grant deadline extensions on all tasks that have deadlines, this includes all assignment tasks, the reflect task on all activities and comprehension on ISM. If a student/group has an extension the passing of the task deadline should not affect their ability to complete the step.

To grant an extension

  • The teacher can select one or multiple students/groups to have a deadline extension. They can search by student/group name.

  • In most cases, teachers can grant a deadline extension to a specific student, but when selecting "hand in as group" on the collaboration options the deadline extensions for the submit step are granted to a group.

Deadline extension overview

  • Teachers can always see if there are deadline extensions for a step, both when editing and viewing activity. For this, we have an overview info card that lists the students/groups with an extension.

  • If there are more than 3 or fewer students/groups we list their names, otherwise we only show the number of students/groups with an extension.

  • It shows when the last extension will pass or that all deadlines have passed.

  • If the deadline is changed and there are deadline extensions before the deadline it shows a warning, these deadline extensions will be deleted on save.

  • If the deadline is removed it shows a warning, all deadline extensions will be deleted on save.

  • Students also see an info card that states that the deadline they have is an extension that only applies to them or their group.

New OAuth permissions screen in Brightspace and Canvas

In Brightspace and Canvas, we ask the teacher to give us access to their account the first time they use FeedbackFruits.

Explanations for multiple-choice questions

After popular demand, explanations are now available at MPC questions!

Adding explanations is highly recommended as they are a great opportunity not only to explain why the correct answer is correct, but often more importantly, why the distractors are incorrect. Correcting confidently held misinformation, and motivating students to validate their reasoning with an explanation are great additions to cultivate critical thinking.

The feature can be enabled per question, under the additional options when editing. Apart from a text description, each explanation can have images or videos attached (up to 3 media files).

Students see the explanations once the correct answer to the question is visible, first they only see the explanations to the answers they selected, but they can also expand the other explanations (if any). Students can also upvote the explanations. For now, students can't add explanations to their own questions.

The edit mode for the teacher

Set up for the teacher

Student view after answering

Sharing of activities between users

We will now support the sharing of made activities between users. It is also known as 'send to teacher', this feature adds a 'Share' button to the options menu so that users can share an activity with another user. They can add the recipients' email address in the share box, which then will send out the email (see image below).

In the LMS, the recipient teacher will receive an email (see image below), when clicking 'view setup' they are able to find the activity in their 'copy from existing' window and add it to their course.

The email with the shared assignment linked

Within your LMS you can now find the shared activity under 'copy from existing'

Public Mediasite URL uploads are now supported

We now support public Mediasite videos in Interactive Video and other FeedbackFruits tools.

Patch notes

FeedbackFruits release notes will now include patch notes in order to share some of the smaller improvements and bug fixes with our users as well.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in Comprehension where some users may have experienced the ‘Start annotating’ button being displayed as a black square instead.

  • Fixed an issue where the submission status of students without an email address on their account sometimes showed an incorrect status compared to students with an email address attached to their account.

  • Fixed an issue where deleting and re-adding a Participation Grading module in activity in some cases would cause users to be unable to save the activity.

Improvements and tweaks

  • Data tables will now show default sorting arrows without having to sort first. Sorting arrows will now also be shown when hovering over the column headers.

  • A detailed explanation has been added to both factor methods in Group Contribution Grading for Group Member Evaluation assignments. This is to make the differences between the two methods more clear and to aid in deciding which option to pick.

  • An information popover has been added to the allowed file types section in the submission step for assignments, which includes a link to a help center article specifying which file types are supported. This makes it easier for the user setting up the assignment to see which file types are supported for student submissions.

  • A ‘completed’ column has been added to the Allocations page in assignment data exports to show which students/groups have completed all their required reviews. This addition makes it easier for instructors to check the review progress for individual students and groups

  • The default selected criterion for review comments in feedback assignments has been changed from being the first from the list of criteria to be the most recently used criterion. This is to prevent users from having to reselect the criterion when writing a new review comment for the same criterion

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