Release Notes v2.73 January 2022

Search Functionality in the 'Copy From Existing' menu, Criterion Section Headings, Automated Feedback - 'Wording' check and more

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(13-01-2022) The next release is scheduled in approximately two days. The release will contain the following:

  • Search Functionality in the 'Copy From Existing' menu

  • Criterion Section Headings

  • Automated Feedback - 'Wording' check

  • Switch regions easily on Standalone Platform

  • ‘Rate your reviewer’ out of beta

Search Functionality in the Copy From Existing

We have added search bars to the Copy from Existing function in all new activities. Users can now search for any template or activity they have created in the past, and can also see the course in which the original activity was created.

Criterion Section Headings

With this feature, teachers can add headings/titles to criteria sections. This applies to all types of criteria, rubric sections, scale criteria and comment criteria. Existing assignments are not affected by this change; when teachers start creating new sections in new assignments, they are able to see that this feature available and they can enable it.

When giving feedback, student will see the feedback criteria grouped in accordance with the section headings added by the teacher.

In the grading table, the feedback criteria will also be displayed with their corresponding section heading.

Automated Feedback - 'Wording' check

A new check has been added to Automated Feedback. The 'Wording' check makes suggestions on the use of English collocations, confused words, and redundant words and phrases.

Switch regions easily on Standalone platform

Our Standalone platform now contains a tooltip that shows on which region and therefore which server you are logging in. It has also been made easier to switch between region, so that users can choose the region closest to their location.

‘Rate your reviewer’ out of beta

'Rate your reviewer' is a feature flagged functionality to graduate out of beta, into general availability.

Rate your reviewer entails students are able to rate the feedback of their reviewers on a scale from 1-10 and optionally provide a comment. Read more about the feature here.

This change means that the feature will no longer have to be enabled for a user/institution but will automatically become available for everyone to use.

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