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Personal pronouns
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Pronouns are words that refer to a previously mentioned (a group of) person or object.

In Automated Feedback, the Pronouns criterion detects the presence of personal pronouns.

Personal pronouns refer to people.

Why should I avoid certain pronouns?

Second-person pronouns

The use of second-person pronouns is generally unacceptable in academic writing.

First-person pronouns

The use of first-person pronouns depends on the context of your writing, the academic style you follow, and your academic discipline.

In some styles, like APA, using first-person pronouns is acceptable and recommended in certain situations. In others like Chicago and MLA, there are no guidelines.

How do I write with the correct pronouns?

When unsure, ask your instructor what they prefer in your assignment.

Automated Feedback can help you adhere to your instructor’s preferences.

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