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Team Based Learning I Student Perspective
Team Based Learning I Student Perspective

How does the Team Based Learning tool work as a student?

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This article will guide you through our Team Based Learning tool, and its possibilities from the perspective of a student.

Step 1: Instructions

If instructions have been added, they will be available at the top of the activity. Here the teams in which the tRAT step will be executed will also be visible including an overview of all fellow team members.

Step 2: iRAT (Individual Readiness Assurance Test)

The second step of the activity will be the Individual Readiness Assurance Test. Here all quiz questions will be answered individually. The questions will all be multiple-choice, after selecting the correct answer option, press "submit" to lock in the answer.

After an answer has been submitted, there will be no indication of whether the answer was correct or not. This will only be revealed in the tRAT step.

Once all questions have been answered, the tRAT step will become available.

Step 3: tRAT (Team Readiness Assurance Test)

This step will be completed in teams, only one team member (team leader) will be responsible for answering the questions. The idea behind this step is for the team to discuss how they answered the questions in the iRAT step, to decide upon the correct answer together.

The role of the team leader will be allocated to the first person that is to start the tRAT step.

Once an answer option has been determined, the team leader will fill in this option in the tRAT. If the answer is correct, the students will receive 100% for this question. If the answer is incorrect, another option to select the right answer will be available. Students will be able to provide answer options until the correct answer is selected.

All other students will be able to see the answers that have been given along with whether the scores were received.

This concludes the Team Based Learning I Student Perspective tutorial.
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