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Team Based Learning | Setting up

Need help setting up a Team Based Learning activity?

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If you want to create a Team Based Learning activity, an important aspect to keep in mind is the fact that our TBL- tool only facilitates two steps of the Team Based Learning method, that being the iRAT and the tRAT.

Please note: For this tool it is of great importance to add the teams within the assignment. Please navigate to the end of this article to see how they can be added.


After selecting the TBL tool, you will be presented with a screen similar to the following:

Here it is important to start by adding a title to the activity (where it now says 'Team Based Learning name'). After adding the title to your activity, you can continue to the first step, where you can start to add questions to the quiz.


Note: If you would prefer to add instructions to the activity, scroll down to the bottom of the page, where you will be able to find a green '+' button. By clicking this, you will be presented with the following option to add instructions.

After selecting this, the first step of the activity will be the instructions. Here, you can add the desired instructions to provide students with guidance on what is expected from them while completing this activity.

Individual Readiness Assessment Test

Depending on whether instructions have been added, the first or second step of the activity will be the Individual Readiness Assessment Test (iRAT). Within this step, you will have the option to add the questions you would like the students to answer.

Simply click 'Start creating questions' and you will be able to start adding the questions. Here you will find that it is only possible to add multiple choice questions, given that this is in line with the TBL method.

When creating the questions, simply add the question and all respective answer choices. Then select which of the answers is the correct one.

Once the question has been saved, you will be prompted with the following screen:

Team Readiness Assessment Test

Continue to add all desired questions to complete the iRAT. Once all questions have been created, they will be automatically added to the Team Readiness Assessment Test (tRAT) step, given that the student will be asked to answer the same set of questions here.

During the iRAT step, all students will be asked to answer the questions, after which the correct answer will not be revealed to them. During the tRAT step, all added questions will automatically be in 'scratch-off mode', meaning that the students will be shown whether the answer was correct or not, and in case the question was answered incorrectly, they will be provided with another opportunity to answer the question. This process continues until the correct answer was chosen.

Adding Teams

Since the tRAT step is to be completed in teams, here it is of importance to add the desired teams. By clicking on select groups under Student collaboration you will be able to either manually add the desired teams, or if a proper integration is in place with your Learning Management System (such as Canvas, Blackboard, Brightspace, Moodle), you will be able to select the teams as created within the LMS-course.


If you would like to add a grading aspect to this activity, you can do so by clicking the green "+" button at the bottom of the activity, after which you can select the grading module. Once the module has been added, please configure the percentages in terms of how much the iRAT scores and the tRAT scores are to count towards the grade. Note: Make sure the total amounts to 100%

Once all questions and teams have been added, you've completed setting up the assignment. Make sure to press 'save' in the upper right corner (and follow the proper steps to save the assignment if you are adding the activity in an LMS), and you're done.

This concludes the Setting up Team Based Learning tutorial.
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