In Microsoft Teams, private channels function as 'groups' that are synced to FeedbackFruits. In order for your assignment to use groups, you will need to set up private channels in your Team to select in the assignment. This article will run you through how to do that.

Not all Microsoft Teams users will need to create groups this way, only those who have an API installed. If this is not installed, groups will be have to be set up manually.

1 ) Click on the three dots next to the name of your team and select 'Add channel'.

2 ) Give your new channel the name of the new group and set the privacy to 'private - Specific team mates have acces'. This step is important, as setting the channel to private will ensure that it acts as a 'group' in FeedbackFruits.

3 ) Type in the names of the students you would like to add to the private channel and click 'add'

4 ) After adding the students as a 'Member', click 'Done' to create the channel.

5 ) After creating the private channel, you can use it as a group in FeedbackFruits assignment. You need to open the assignment for the groups to sync, if you have created many private channels, this might take a few moments.

6 ) After creating the private channels (which function as groups) you can create assignments in public channels. The groups will show up in assignments create in the public channel.

The group selection screen will look like this:

You can always add/remove members from the private channels, just be sure to open the assignment afterwards to re-sync the groups.

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