Automated feedback coach 1.0 (beta) - for students

Receive tips on your feedback as you're writing them

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NOTE: this article applies to the 1.0 version of Automated Feedback Coach released in 2019. It is being phased out in the US and EU regions, and only available to new users in the Australasia region.

Setting expectations

Note that this feature is still in beta and a very new concept, so the feedback will only be very basic on a structural level. You can use this coach to help guide you in giving good feedback, but don't assume that it is automatically correct. Always be critical and we encourage you to rate the feedback so we can keep improving for you.

Why was this created?

Many teachers notice that students struggle to give concrete and constructive feedback to their peers, while these are 21st-century skills that life in society will expect of you, especially during your job life.

Ethics & privacy

In this age of tech and AI growing increasingly powerful, you might wonder whether FeedbackFruits exercises due caution when employing them in your education. We hope we’ll convince you that we take students’ interest to heart with transparency on how we deal with some common concerns.

  1. Can this ever block me from posting my feedback?

    In short; no. This is not the FeedbackFruits philosophy. These features should help you learn (formative feedback), not punish your mistakes. Especially given how young the technology is.

  2. Will this affect my grade?

    No, again. This would be right against of philosophy of ethical applications of AI, especially when it's still in beta.

  3. What if the AI makes a mistake?

    You can rate the feedback with the stars just below it. With your feedback, we'll be able to spot errors quickly. This early warning system allows us to monitor these usefulness ratings per intervention type. This way we can address faults in the system quickly, and minimize the time between introduction to resolution, thereby limiting the amount of users affected.

  4. Where does my feedback go for analysis? Who sees it?

    Because we're a European company we adhere to the EU's privacy standards (GDPR). The real-time processing of the students' feedback is done fully autonomously without exposure to employees, exclusively on servers at Leafcloud, a Dutch company in the EU that also adheres to GDPR.

    To learn from problems indicated in the usefulness ratings, employees will retroactively sample some linked students' feedback for analysis. This is done exclusively with anonymized responses, by a small group of employees who's are cleared for this work and granted access to only this data.

This concludes the Automated feedback coach (beta) - for students tutorial.
If you have any questions or experience a technical issue, please contact our friendly support team by clicking on the blue chat button (Note: support is available 24h every weekday & unavailable on the weekend).

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