Release Notes v2.70 October 2021

Separate reflection module, Open in new tab, Discussion Assignment improvements, Scratch-off questions in Interactive Study Materials & more

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(20-10-2021) The next release is scheduled in approximately three days. The release will contain the following:

  • Separate Reflection module

  • Open in new tab from within the LMS

  • Discuss all configuration & allocation flow improvements in Discussion Assignment

  • Scratch-off questions in Interactive Study Materials

  • Confirmation for pushing of grades

  • Automated feedback coach in GME

Separate reflection module

After this release, the Reflection will be a separate step in Feedback Assignments
Writing a reflection is a valuable step to end an assignment with. In Feedback Assignments this has always been a part of the 'Received reviews' step, so that students can reflect on the feedback they have received. However, received feedback is not the only thing someone can reflect on, it can for instance also be useful to write a reflection on how the whole process of giving feedback went.

So, in all assignment tools writing a reflection is no longer part of the 'Received reviews' step, but it can be added as a separate step. In new assignments this means that the reflect step can be added with the + button at the bottom.

This also allows for different deadlines for reading the feedback and reflecting on the assignments. For existing assignments (both finished and running ones) that require a reflection, the reflect task will be added automatically, all analytics for reflection will be moved over, and the progress for the 'Received reviews' step and the whole assignment will be recalculated.

In existing assignments grades remain unchanged. When there is a deadline for 'Read and reflect on received feedback', this deadline will be copied over to the new reflect step, after which teachers can adjust them if they want.

Open in new tab from within the LMS

When opening an activity in an LMS, the user gets an option to open it in a new tab first instead of going to fullscreen mode directly. The activity opens without LMS-frame in the new tab, and in the new tab the fullscreen becomes available as before. In the new tab the assignment will become easier to navigate for the user.

If the user comes back to 'old' tab later than 15 seconds, a dialog requiring a page reload appears.

Discuss all configuration & allocation flow improvements in Discussion Assignment

When setting up a Discussion Assignment, teachers can also select "all" for the "every student is required to discuss the work of X peers" option.

If discuss individually is chosen on the collaborations option, regardless of the hand in option, it's recommended to remove the "Open discussion" step (step 4).

This is because the students have already discussed everybody's work on step 3, and therefore they won't be able to make progress or get grades from anything they do on step 4.

Redesign of the allocation flow for the Discussion assignments
Before, students need to re-enter the discuss page in order to be allocated another student's work to discuss, that is no longer necessary now.

When requiring to discuss multiple peers students should see a list of pending allocations, and should be able to click on the "Look for a peer" button the first pending allocation.

In all cases if there is no one to be allocated to, for example because no one else has made a submission, a message will appear explaining this. Otherwise the new allocation should appear.

Scratch-off questions in ISM

Teachers can enable "Scratch-off mode" on any unanswered multiple choice question on ISM activities. With scratch off questions, students have multiple attempts at answering a multiple choice question, while the grade earned per question decreases per incorrect answer.


  • Can create a scratch-off question by enabling this mode on the "Additional options" section for multiple choice questions.

  • Can only tick one answer as the correct one for scratch-off questions in contrast to normal mode multiple choice questions.

  • Scratch-off mode can only be enabled/disabled if no student has answered the question.


  • Can't create scratch-off questions.

  • Can make multiple attempts at answering the scratch-off questions.

  • Should receive a partial grade, if grading per question is enabled, in case they make multiple attempts.

Confirmation for pushing of grades

Every time the teacher clicks on the "Publish grades" button from inside of a LMS a confirmation dialog should appear. This dialog acts as a failsafe and explains the consequences of publishing the grades in FeedbackFruits.

Automated feedback coach in Group Member Evaluation

This is an experimental feature, and not intended to replace peer/teacher feedback. Its reach is limited only to the text field where students write comments, and feedback won't go into specific knowledge domains. Feedback only applies to the writing style.

This feature intends to help students provide better feedback to each other in Group Member Evaluation. Students often struggle to provide constructive feedback to their peers which can hamper student learning and growth.

On top of enabling the Automated feedback coach, the teacher can also choose to enable a feedback quality indicator. The automated feedback coach can be used with or without this indicator.

The Automated feedback coach with real-time tips on their feedback to their peers. The feedback coach takes several things into account, such as length, tone, repetition and more. If you would like an in-depth explanation of how the Automated feedback coach works, you can get more information here.

This concludes the Release Notes v2.70 October 2021.
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