This is a troubleshooting guide aiming to resolve your 'Something Broke' error or any other device-related errors.

What do we support:

Latest Firefox
Latest Safari on macOS >= 10.12.1
Latest Chrome on macOS >= 10.12.1
Latest Chrome on Windows >= XP SP 3 (Automatic Root Certificate Update should not be manually disabled)

Generally we recommend using Chrome or Firefox for the best experience with FeedbackFruits.

Upon opening FeedbackFruits, you get an error. What can you do to resolve it?

If the error is likely device related, please try:

  • Are my browsers up-to-date?

  • Does it work in another browser?

  • Does it work in an incognito browser?

  • Are any browser plug-ins blocking access? (AdBlocker etc.)

The error is still not solved, what else I can try?

If the issue is not resolved, it might be that your device is running on an older operating software which can no longer ensure a safe connection. This is related to our encryption service updating their security certificates, read more about that here.

For the full device compatibility list, click here. Luckily, most devices are still supported as long as they do not run on outdated operating software. Because of the security update, you will need OS X version 10.12.1 or higher (for Mac) & XP SP3 or higher (for Windows). If an OS X update is unavailable in your app store, you can manually install an earlier version. You can find the downloads for the different versions here.

If you are unable or unwilling to update you operating software, using a version of Firefox higher than 50, should also work, as "Browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera) generally trust the same root certificates as the operating system they are running on. Firefox is the exception" (Let's Encrypt).

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